A little girls harassment and what it can fall on

January 7, 2011
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’m a new girl and today was my first day at Washington Middle School; also I'm an 8th grader. This is like my twelve school, this is very hard on me that I had to move again, also I have to make new friends, and I'm not comfortable here at all. Well, the first day was good and also the first person who talked to me was named Fredrick. Let me say he’s pretty nice but something is going on. Well, this girl Paulina also talked to me, and she is also very nice and cool. But it doesn’t look like she has a lot of friends. So it was sweet that she introduced her self to me. I really don’t like this school everyone looks at me very weird and also I don’t have much friends, I just want to go back where I came from. It’s only fifteen minutes away. I don’t get why I have to move every single minute it feels like I cant even stay at one school like a years since fourth grade. This is bomber that I keep on being the new girl, well doesn’t everything happen for a reason. Well let me start out with my name is Angelica Shaker. Therefore I am thirteen years old and also this is my life getting comfortable at a school then moving well I hope this never happens to you because it really sucks. Let me tell you, I hope this had never happened to me.

Well, I am athletic, right now I play softball and also the other sports I play are basketball, soccer, volleyball, and tennis. Well I love my hobbies which are playing sports, texting, hanging out with family and friends, writing, writing poetry, also I love doing peoples makeup. Well that might sound weird but that is me and people respect if you show your true colors and show who you are. Just not that fake you, and that everyone seems who you are at school and you seem like a different person outside of school. Therefore, some people are like that but that’s not me, and I really hate people act like something they’re totally not you know? Therefore this school mascot is a lighten bug. Now, I have exchanged into another softball team and that’s why I had to move and also go to a different school which I totally hate because everyone is so rude and also dirty look people; which I think is wrong and you should make a better character of your self and make this school a better place.

Well let me tell you now I’m getting harassed by Fredrick, and I actually knew this was going to happen. How this guy was only nice to me and this is how it happened. “Will you go out with me” I had replied like this “No, sorry I don’t date yet”. He had said “Okay.” He had got mad and started harassing me about my weight, and which was wrong so I went to the teachers and told them if they can talk to him about it. Therefore, that didn’t work at all, so I had ignored it for a couple weeks; then he came up to me and shoved me to the wall. I had thought this is totally not happening so I totally was terrified so I rushed to the principle. She had said this was harassment and she would discipline them and also she would talk to them. Well that a had put a stop to it, but he still tries to stay harassment talk to me and now he’s crushing on me but I always think of remember of eighth grade.

This is the conclusion of my story is it is always a great thing when your harassed to tell an adult because there is so much causes it can cause. Such as cant go to school, also because there to scared. Plus people who cause this please don’t hurt such a great person. You are going to get in trouble and sound guilty, also why do you do this? If you’re too scared when it happens to that when there not there, so it put a limit to it; because you never know you might do a sucide, or even hurt your health.

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