The New Kid in School

January 5, 2011
There was this boy named Thomas Finster. Everyone called him Tommy. Tommy was the new kid in school. He had just moved to a little town in Idaho. In Tommy’s last school everyone was so polite, and always friendly to each other. So, Tommy imagined that his new school would be like that too.

But, boy was he wrong!
On Tommy’s first day of school, he walked in, and Dewie was the first to greet him. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “oh, this Dewie boy must be a nice fellow.” Well, that isn’t really the truth.

Dewie was the school bully. Tommy never had a bully before. He thought Dewie would just take his lunch money, and that would be the end of it. Dewie bullied him everyday. It wasn’t always the same thing. Between getting pranks played on him, and getting beat up, Tommy just couldn’t handle it anymore. He wanted to tell the principal or the dean, but he thought that if he said anything he would just get bullied even worse. So, Tommy kept his mouth shut.

Then, one day Dewie realized there was something wrong with Tommy, but he just couldn’t figure it out. He tried so hard. Then, he got it! Tommy had cancer. He never told anyone, because he didn’t want to be treated differently. That is why he moved and left his old school. Everyone knew and he was treated differently than the rest of the kids. Tommy wanted a normal life. Dewie didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to be known as the bully who beat up the sick kid. But, deep down he was just a little troublemaker that wanted to make everyone feel bad, to make himself feel better. So, that day, Dewie beat up Tommy. But, this time was much worse than in the past. This time, Tommy ended up in the hospital. Dewie had actually grown a conscience, and felt bad.

Tommy’s classmates eventually found out, and just couldn’t believe it. A few kids from school went to visit him in the hospital. Tommy said, “oh wow, I can’t believe people actually showed up for me. I didn’t think anybody actually cared.”
When he said that, it broke everybody’s hearts. They all felt so bad. They all liked Tommy, but they didn’t told him or acted nice towards him, because they didn’t want to get bullied by Dewie. But, now they wish they could have because they feel bad. The classmates visited Tommy everyday, until he was released from the hospital. The whole school wanted to be his friend. When they went back to school, everyone ignored Dewie. Tommy was their hero. He went through a lot. He battled with cancer for the rest of his life. They never found a cure for it. But, he wasn’t alone. He had the support of his entire school. Tommy was happy to have moved there. He was the “popular” kid in school, all the way up until he graduated. On graduation day, when they called Tommy’s name to walk across the stage to get his diploma, he was so excited to have everyone cheering for him.

As for Dewie, nobody from school talked to him again. There was no longer any bullies around. When they called his name at graduation, very few people clapped. Tommy and his friends kept in touch for a few more years, then they lost contact with Tommy. He was never to be heard from again. Or so they thought. 60 years later, when it was time for them to go in a nursing home, Dewie went to the one in Idaho. When he showed up, He heard a man playing the piano. He listened to this man for hours everyday. Then one day, he heard the nurse announce that Thomas Finster was going to play the piano in the nursing home talent show. Dewie couldn’t believe what he just heard. He had no idea that this man he has been listening to all this time was Tommy. So, right before the talent show, he walked over to Tommy and apologized for the way he acted back in school. Tommy accepted his apology, and they became friends. They went on with the rest of their lives very good friends.

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teenreader said...
Jan. 7, 2011 at 8:58 am
This teaches a lesson everyone should learn.  Great story!
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