Number 7

December 30, 2010
By Anonymous

Waiting in this distance line to buy a book is just a waste of my life. Eating it one by one just to make me blow up like a bomb dropped from the gray sky. Looking around a man walked in the front fast as a bullet pulling out a gun, and open fired with a six round revolver. This creepy man just hops like a bunny over the counter and ask for the cash. Taking no prisoners and just beating the crap out of the cashier. We were all in a life time event of living or dying.

Then a very bizarre thing happens. He pulled out a book, but just a regular book. This book is a chapter book, but with weird colors to it, and no title showing on the book. Then he said “ anyone one tries to stop me will die ha! He opens the book to the first page as fast as he can. Then he says “Once, time in lined of mysterious people”. He kept reading the book with a loud voice like having a microphone stuck in your throat and kept hitting himself hard on his chest. This dude who went from robbing the store, to reading a book out loud in class really made me confused. No one in the store had an idea what he was talking about.

I was crawling like a baby going somewhere, somewhere it would be safe; somewhere that can be in harmony. Resting my head on the bookshelf, took a deep breath, and then stared at a man who was reading this book. Quickly, I jumped low towards the right side of the man. I sat down quietly and look at the book that he had. The book was called Number Seven By: James Horal. The man reading the book, he looked up slowly, and then looked at his right side. He saw me glancing around. He said to me “Have you ever read this book before? I shook my head as a sign for no. He asked “Do you talked at all, eh? I didn’t reply, I was shy and the guy was kind of happy. Like he had no idea what was happening in the store. He was just reading the book, that’s all he cared about. Then he told me “This book is about this guy who is 7th in line to jump off the plane.” He kept going on about the guy jumping of a B-52 Bomber to fight the Nazis, and gets into this situation with a German soldier. Then he said “ hey you know, you should stop him like the man in the book.”

I thought to myself, I can be that 7th man, I could be that hero. Meanwhile, the robber kept reading his book. I was getting annoyed by the chaos he has brought to all of us. I want to just kill the man with all my soul, but killing is a sin. I got up and walked up slow towards the man. My hands were rubbing against the books, until I picked up something solid. I looked at my hand; it was this knife, this really short black knife. I was so rage with anger. I walked toward the counter and punched the man hard as my feelings let me. He was about to point his gun at me, but I was the one who had it on my left hand and the knife on my right. My voice went to a deep tone and a clear sound to it. I said “What if I was god? What if I had the power to send you to hell, What if?” My eyes were open and face was turning white. The man was crying, he said “oh god, don’t do this, I am a good boy.” If we go back when I was with the gentleman reading that book, one part of that story was telling about how the soldier pointed his gun at the German soldier, but never killed him. I’m like the soldier pointing the gun, and the robber is the German soldier. Today I came here to get a book, not to kill a man. I said to him “you’re puzzled, stupid, and angry. You have no control of your emotions, and you have no heart in people. You come in here beating a woman up, and then thinking you just read a book out loud. Don’t add the evil on this earth, or you’ll just keep messing things up for people, now I will ask you this, what is your basis of life?” The man looked at me and said “To overcome the fear of mankind that foreshadows my future.”

In the closing stages, I looked at him and as he did, the robber just gave the money to me and then he walked out. It’s funny, how I’m just trying to buy a book about how integrity, but this whole time, I had it.

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