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December 23, 2010
By marinegames18 BRONZE, Patchogue, New York
marinegames18 BRONZE, Patchogue, New York
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Have you ever given a present to someone special? Did you ever think of donating your presents to the homeless, the poor? Well, I’ve donated presents before, actually a lot of presents! It all began on that one week before Christmas...

It was 3 in the afternoon, and I was doing some research on my computer. Since it was going to be Christmas next week, I decided to look online for cheap presents to give to each of my family members. While I was looking up a site, an advertisement popped up on my screen. I was about to delete it, when something caught my eye. The advertisement was sponsoring donations for homeless kids and teenagers. I clicked on the link, and it brought me to a site all about donations and Christmas. It was a whole organization of people who wanted kids like me, to donate their presents to the homeless. Last year, the organization had thousands of presents to give to homeless kids. So, I was thinking for a while, and then it came to me. My mom is always buying me whatever I want for Christmas. If I asked for more presents, I could donate a lot of presents. And that’s how it all began. For the next 2 hours, I was brainstorming some ideas for Christmas presents. I figured most kids would appreciate some toys or clothes. I added different toys that were meant for a certain age group. After I was done with that long list, I went back on the site and I signed up to be a member. I made my username The Giver of Life, even though I didn’t donate anything yet.

For the next four days, I was trying to get everyone involved in this organization. In school, I was telling my friends, classmates and teachers about the website. Around the neighborhood, I posted flyers explaining what the organization did and how people could help. I even called each one of my relatives, and explained to them how I wanted them to join the organization. I had gotten so involved, I didn’t even think of making my own Christmas list.

When Christmas finally arrived, I was really excited. I opened one present that I got, and then saved my 14 other presents. These were the presents that I planned to donate. I told my parents what I planned to do, and they agreed to it. The next day, my family and I donated about 30 presents total, to the homeless kids.

When I got home, I went back on the website, and looked up the latest news. The latest news was that this year, the organization had donated 20,000 presents and they gained more than 1,000 new members. I felt so overjoyed and I was proud of myself.

The next day, I received a letter in the mail. It was a letter from the organization, and I couldn’t wait to open it. I read the whole thing in less than a minute. It basically said that the organization thanked me for all the presents I donated, and for all the new members that I helped join. They were pleased to see how involved I got in the donations, so they asked me to officially join
the organization. When you officially join, you get to go to meetings and do other cool stuff. So, I immediately say yes to their offer.

Now, I am in one of the most top organizations in the world, and I’m proud of it. Even during other holidays, I am trying to get people to donate food or toys to the homeless. My whole family has joined me and we are all helping out. I feel like a good person and I hope God is watching me.

So, now will you donate your presents to the homeless, the poor? I have done it before, and I hope you will follow me. Next time you are opening your presents, think about the other kids in the world, and then make a decision. I made my decision, now its time to make yours.

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