December 27, 2010
By WritingIsDreaming BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
WritingIsDreaming BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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"Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one. "
-John Lennon

Christmas Eve 10:57 p.m.
The gears of my hand couldn’t compute the commands of the irritated voice that pierced the barrier of silence that my ears had with taken. The voices that pleaded me to arrive to some sort of mental stability was deflected and forbidden to enter the perimeter of my ears.
His grizzly like claws punctured the curves of my fallen shoulders. The pressure he withheld had the effect of a minuscule prick. A rough texture pressed the tip of my chin. The disease that was devouring my heart only ventured further in its process. I strung my shaking arms around my stomach, air filled bursts of breath circulating through my mouth.
I struck the tips of my chipping nails into the burgundy chair cushions. I tore my frigid eyes away from the breathless body of Aunt Marie. Her usual skin tone becoming a feeble pale as I struck my tear grazed eyes into the certified doctor.
“Whestenia you need to go to the lobby.”
His forceful voice commanded me to do. My breath shook terribly. My priority at the moment was to muster up any available bravery and ambush him with this discovered bravery. I formed words that I would use that would surely pierce him. But as my voice melded into the words and my lips parted, fearful croaks only came from me.
I hitched my hand into the hardly breathing patient’s glacial hand. Tears cascaded down to the palms of my quivering hands. The voice that had powerfully spoken the words from before was now scarfing down the air and agitatedly forced a flurry of air out.
“Whestenia you need to leave us to our work.”
My throat felt strangled as his words came aggravated yet had a sense of calm to them. His words pelted me with gruesome scars, ones that could not be seen even if you used the most advanced technology.
“You won’t help! You’re just going to put that horrible blanket over her head. You’re not trying!”
I struck him with a million and one bullets .He grappled the closest hustling nurse. His poisonous words spitting in her alarmed face, spittle causing a discomfort to her terrorized eyes.
Some of the many nurses scattered as they saw his mood strengthen and his irritation became the coal in the blaring fire. I resisted the blossoming urge to corral some rapacious words and inflict them upon him.
I tightened my grip upon her hand as her skin broke into an unhealthy color of snow. Beside me the nurse bustled, she crashed with my low chair, adding more clumps of coal to his inferno.
The lessening beep of the electrocardiograph pounded in my ear. Giving me some sort of comfort. A chance is what gives me this. A chance that she may return home. A chance that she will once again be awaiting me in her crimson car. A chance that she will embrace me. A chance is all I want.
But as I begin to acquire a tranquil state, a flat line appears with a never ending beep accompanying it. I flail in pure anguish, my voice booming and pleading for any type of assistance. Doctors and nurses swarm the span of the miniature room. He orders the fleet of once medical students to do what he wants.
He bores his sinister eyes into my skin, his eyes wondering whether to focus upon me or the herd of medicals. But he only has to ponder this for a second. A security guard seizes me into his clutches, hauling me to the waiting area. My body was too stunned to struggle but soon I finally begin to battle, my jabs are not of any use.
He abandons me in an uncomfortable seat in the bland lobby. Many other awaiting people become wide eyed as I disobeyed his restraints. I fought through his force, escaping into the hall where I had been abducted from.
I sprinted forward, entering the wooden doorway of the room. The rumble of an AED forced me to quiver. I shrunk down, the wood acting as reinforcement. Tears slithered down periodically. I heard the security guards walkie talkie impending. The voices zooming into earshot.
“Yes, Annabelle wants to open her gifts at 12 a.m.……. I wanted to leave before then but I let the time slip ……...Can you please let me go?”
“Yes I can handle this; you can go even though there is only 3 minutes ‘till 12.Merry Christmas.”
I entomb my teary eyes into the palms of my still shaking hands. My eyes seal themselves as I tremble.
“Please. Please let her live. Don’t take her away from me. She’s all I have.”
My voice shutters as the words travel from my mouth. My eyes are haggard from the horrid things that it has witnessed today. The vibrant lights invite me to come forth but I decline. The earth instead shifts away from me. Darkness arriving and expanding.
Christmas Day 7:29 a.m.
My heart beats frantically as I rise in my unknown surroundings. My mind blank of what had happened after what I had spoken was uttered. I recognize the cushion I am lying upon as the room comes into a better focus. I must have been dumped in this bleak lobby. I soon remember the situation I fought through the previous day and I swing into the hall again. The stream of medicals barely noticing my presence.
I dash forward to the room that holds Aunt Marie. But as I spring to the familiar doorway she no longer seems as an aunt. She fills the position of a mother. More importantly she is my mother.
I skid across the linoleum floor. I barely restrain my body from smacking into the cold tiles. I lay my eyes upon the sight in front of me. Horrific. Completely horrific. My precious and only mother Marie has a dull white sheet strewn across her motionless body. The slight composure from before that I had arrested is now a foul bandit that had escaped its cell. I weaken from this. Shrinking to the freezing floor.
I act like an immobile human for a period of the time, my tears the only thing moving. I decide to crawl closer to her bedside. My tears sprinkle onto the sheet as I press my head into the sheets.
My ears prick up as a substantial amount of air blows onto my forehead.
A weak yet growing strong voice whispers close. I bounce away at the singled word. A light pleasant chuckle entering the atmosphere of the room.
A hand strips away the covers that were burying her. Her skin gaining her usual color, her thin lips perking into a smile. One that isn’t as high as the regular one but that still signals that the patient is recovering.
I trample over myself as I slide towards her. My arms embrace her tightly as tears skip down.
“Thank you.”
I say wearily, my mind still attempting to comprehend this.
“Thank you for my present.”

The author's comments:
Two words.Christmas Miracles

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