Friends Forever

December 16, 2010
By mirak BRONZE, Waterboro, Maine
mirak BRONZE, Waterboro, Maine
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Karigen and Lucy were friends as long as I can remember. They would always be together. It was like they were super glued so they were always connected to each others hip. I always would wished I had a best friend like that. I wanted someone I could be around no matter what, someone I could always look to for advice. But I never found someone like that.

Who am I? Well I am Amanda, Karigen’s sister. She was always happy all the time. Nothing could bring her down. Now Lucy was a little different. She had a temper. It was either her way or the highway. Somehow they were best friends, and they never got into fights. They were like two peas in a pod. Every weekend they would be together. Each weekend they would switch off. One weekend at Lucy’s house, and then the other weekend and mine (well Karigen’s). But one day changed everything between them. Forever.

It was the day after a huge snow storm. Lucy was shoveling snow with her mom. They were almost done when a mini van lost control, and hit Lucy. Karigen bawled when she found out. Lucy was in a coma for a whole week. Her parents had to decide if they wanted her to suffer, or to just let her go. If they kept her alive she would live in a wheel chair, and she wouldn’t be able to talk, hear, or move. They thought it would be best to not put her though all that.

Karigen didn’t eat for days, she would stay in her room and not come out. She refused to go to school. She would cry nonstop. Her eyes ended up looking like two balloons. Seeing her like that made me cry. My sister was not herself anymore. The energetic girl was gone. It was just a body, with out a person to take it up. My parents were very worried. They would try to talk to her, but she wouldn’t listen, she would just sit there and nod her head pretending to listen to them. I knew that if Lucy was here she would want her to be happy, and not sit around moping all day. Seeing her made me worried. I wanted her to be happy again.

One night as I walked past her room I saw her sitting on her bed, with a box of pictures of Lucy and herself. I wanted to tell her that she had to move on, but I knew that it would just make things worse. Telling her everything was going to be okay was just a lie.

Laying in my bed at night, I can hear the sobs of my sister. My eyes were watering, like when you forget to turn a sink off all the way, listening to her. My sister’s soul had been taken away from her when Lucy died. It was like she just had a body.

“Mom, I want to go see her.” Karigen screamed.

“She is in heaven.”

“I mean the grave!”

My sister was screaming at my mother, she was trying to calm her down, but it wasn’t working. She stormed out of the house.

Two hours later...

“Where is she? She has been gone forever,” My mom shouted to my dad.

“Honey, she is probably just taking a walk, she needs to calm herself down. These last few days have been horrible for her. I am sure she will be back in a little bit.” My dad responded.

“If she isn’t back in a half an hour, I am going to look for her!”

“I promise she will be back by then.”

I had never seen my mother looked so scared and angry in my life. It scared me. Her eyes were bulging out. I knew my sister was going through a hard time, but I never thought she would run away. I was worried. As I sat on the coach, I began to cry. I cried for Lucy, I cried for my mom, I cried for everyone who was going though a ruff time. I cried for a half an hour. I stopped when I heard my mother scream “That is it! I am going to look for her, since none of you care!”

“We do care! We are just trying to give her time by herself! That is whats best for her!” My dad said back to her.

“Well I am leaving!” She slammed the door, and walked to her car. In less than twenty seconds she managed to leave the house, get in her car, and burst out of the driveway. I was shocked. She left me. My dad stood stunned in the kitchen, staring blankly out the window where my mother’s car once was.

I ran up to my room. I pulled a sweatshirt over my tank top, and some boots on. I walked down stairs to not find my dad. He was gone. He left without even telling me. How could he do that? I grabbed my cell phone off the table, and left. I started walking to are secret hide out. To find my sister hanging body in the air.

I screamed, and I ran the mile back to my house. I had butterflies in my stomach. Not good ones, bad ones. I pulled out my cell phone, but I pulled it out to quickly. It fell out and smashed on the tar, in my driveway. It wasn’t the first time it had happened, but I didn’t dare to pick it up for some reason. I left my phone lying in the driveway, and I jogged to my house. While I was grabbing the phone I dropped that too. “Butter fingers,” I muttered to myself.

I didn’t dare to take off my shoes, I ran up the stairs and grabbed the phone that was in my room. 9-1-1, I dialed. “9-1-1 what is your emergency?” The perfect voice asked.

“My, my, my sister, I found her. She uhm is uh hanging.”

“And where is she?” She answered back, like she didn’t even care.

“In are secret hide out, 24 King Street.”

“I’ll send the ambulance right over.”

“I will meet them there, to make sure the know where it is.”

“Okay. I will make sure I tell them that,” She told me in a confident voice.

“Okay, Bye.”

“Bye Sweetheart, and trust me everything is going to be alright, I promise.”

Right then and there I hung up. Who was she kidding, nothing would be alright! That liar, I thought! She must tell everyone that, she doesn’t care about me.

I used me sprinting skills, and ran to the secret hide-out. Where my sister was hanging, dead. While I was running I cried. For probably the tenth time this month. Just when I got there I heard the loud sirens of the ambulance, and probably the cops, and fire department. When I saw them rushing down the street, I remembered that I didn’t call me parents, and my cell phone was still in my driveway. They would probably get the news soon. The ambulance rushed over to me, and I showed them. Five minutes later they were out of the secret hide-out, and they had me sister on the stretcher.

“I want to come,” I screamed to them.

“No. You have to be seventeen or older.”

“I am actually seventeen and a half. Now let me go.” I lied.

“Don’t touch anything in there, kid.”

“I wont.”

I climb into the ambulance, and off it went. I stared silently, and started to cry. It smelt like baby powder, and the seats felt like a sticky old candy. In about five minutes, we were at the hospital. They pronounced her dead at the scene, but they still had to bring her here.

Three days later......

I stand here staring at my sisters casket. It looked like a new car, because it was so shiny. She took her own life, because she had no one. Lucy was her life, and when she died, so had Karigen. The tears are falling off my face onto the grass. My mom and dad are crying too. Karigen was are life, and now she was gone. I laid down her favorite teddy bear, it smelt like mango’s, her favorite perfume. Then I left...

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Friend's are the best thing you could have...

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