Dear World

December 10, 2010
By jordanajampel BRONZE, Great Neck, New York
jordanajampel BRONZE, Great Neck, New York
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There’s just something that feels wrong. Something that bothers her so much, to the point, where that’s all she dreams of. Or rather, she nightmares about it; is everything that she put her trust into now one big lie? Or is it something that she should have seen coming? She knows of the infamy, of the notoriousness, but Amy still seems to hold onto all of it.

Amy, the young, innocent sweet girl from just down the road just wants to pretend this all isn’t true. Her past, grueling and full of lies fed to her until she practically vomiting. Although she ruminates on all of these things first, she knows that she is better off ignoring all of it, ignoring all of the warning signs by the people who were truly looking out for her. She just wants to trust what she knows was a lie, what she thought she knew and loved. Finally, she realizes that this isn’t the way she wanted to be living; a life of being used and abused. A life of one-sided love and one-sided lies; she just wants to escape; to fall into arms that she knows won’t just be a mirage, someone who won’t be a mere angel of her wishful imagination.

Amy thought she found something stable, something she could lean against without it shattering into seven hundred tiny pieces that she would have been expected to pick up and piece all back together perfectly. But now stuck in a torn mind about what to believe and what not to believe, Amy has to understand who people really are.
I realize that I have put way too much trust into people, way too much of my own self into other people’s hands that weren’t always there for me. But how do I know who to trust and who not to trust if they claim their lies are true? How should I know what people’s true intentions are, what they are really out to get, when I don’t even fully understand my own? I want to know that someone is really there for me, that he won’t let me fall, and won’t let me scrape up my knees. I just wish I had someone there to help me overcome my Sunday-Night-Loneliness, and help me escape the dread of school the next day. I just want somebody to tell me the truth, and that’s all I need.

Dear world, I am Amy.

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