The Deaf play

December 6, 2010
By CoolKid27 BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
CoolKid27 BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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I had awoken; it was just another Thursday as I lay in my bed staring at the geometric patterns on my ceiling. I hit the alarm clock it only being two hours before I had to be on top of a class of rowdy second graders. I arise strip my clothes as I hastily lumber into my shower, the water pouring over me like the sun during day. I eventually make it dressed and in front of the coffee pot. I check the time, only an hour till I teach. I brush my teeth in haste and then venture to my car after my third cup of coffee, and having put my teaching supplies together.
After arrival at the school I walk into my classroom of rainbow colored words and letters. I set my bag on my desk, pulling out and placing the morning work sheets on the children’s desks. I ponder to my self as my eyes scan the clock, which children are going to be in the second grade school play. It’s about thirty minutes till class begins when as I’m writing the day plan on the chalkboard I hear several knocks on my classroom door. I look over to see a young child, to the looks of a second grader, and what appeared to be her mother. I journey across the classroom and open the door and say Hello. What I suspected to be the little girls mom, introduces her self and said that the little girl was her daughter who was deaf, and that she’s been home schooled all her life. The daughter waves at me while holding onto her mothers pants with the other hand. I gently wave back to her and give her a smile witch she politely gives back in return. The little girl gives me a message in sigh language and the mother tells me that she said she wanted to perform in the second grade school play. I give a light smile and tell them that she can be in the play but the children in my class will decide what part she’ll play. I tell them that the practices are after school everyday for this week and the play is on Monday in front of the school assembly. After saying goodbye the school bell rang.
My class swarmed in like a tidal wave, filling the class with noise and a ton of spirit. I let my class work through the warm up of simple math problems on the front, and identification of vocabulary words on the back. I bring my class to attention and aware them a very polite girl was going to be joining us in the play for this year and that she was deaf. I make them conscious about them getting to decide what she was going to do in the play, and write the characters on the board and the requirements to play the character. They chose for her to be the Sheppard and to walk the sheep across the stage.
At the end of the day the class and her met up in the gymnasium to practice for the play. The little girl was playing the slide, a game that includes two people giving high fives to a rhythm. During all the practices leading up to the final play she was very happy making friends and playing her part. The day of the play I was sitting with her mom in the center rows when the play began. The play was performed perfectly and at the end the little girl ran up and gave me the most loved filled hug ever. I will never feel as much love imitating from someone like that little girl.

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