Broken Man

November 22, 2010
By Anonymous

He'll wear his heart on his sleeve and walk this path with no one by his side. Look in his eyes and see the pain he endures everyday of his life. Take his hand and relive his memories, he keeps locked deep inside. One step at a time a lonely person is looked down on by the civil people. He will over look those people with his head high and keep walking. Grab his hatchet and put it right in your back if your not careful. Don't mess with him because all his anger is ready to spill. The demon inside reaching for the end, ready to escape. The evil in his voice staying steady, looking for a way out. He smiles for you, just to cover the frown inside. On the outside you won't know if something is wrong, the inside is so twisted you won't understand. Covering his face in paint, and blood on his hands, an outcast you all ignored. A person you never cared about, all you did was hurt him till when he was on knees he realized he didn't need your help, that he didn't need anyone. When he wakes up in the morning it takes all his strength to just get on his feet for another day. He doesn't know why he is here, hoping one day his purpose will find him, and everything will be alright. The ones he gave his heart out to ripped it in half and gave it back. Now that he can finally breath with a stapled together heart, he won't give it out anymore. See what you people did to him, see how f***ed up he is. Are you happy with what you have done. You did it to me, you did it to him, who's next. Its alright though, even though you destroy without reason, if it wasn't for that the wicked clowns would be a one man band. We wouldn't stand as tall as we all do. Its alright now, even though he lives the horrible pain everyday, he has someone to lean on when things get rough, though he mite not realize it, I understand why he doesn't trust anyone, I'm the same way. He's a wicked clown and he will never die, because that's how strong you made him on the outside, the inside is what you really f***ed up.

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