A Change in the Night

November 20, 2010
By TDJ76 BRONZE, Sauk Village, Illinois
TDJ76 BRONZE, Sauk Village, Illinois
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It's weighing down like an elephant or a boulder; the weight is crushing and it gets harder to see. The only sight is the eerie snow flakes falling gently like a cloud just fluffed for the winter night. The snow is unforgiving and relentless feet after feet just piling up to my knees with the wind blowing a gentle kiss across the skies. The old decrepit light post flickers but creates no light, but the old light post has been pushed over the edge and back and can no longer shine. I struggle through the snow, but alas, I can't get through; the snow is holding on tight for dear life as it hangs on to the cliff that many stand to dare gaze from. I see a shadow in the distance and a man appears. I can't see his face, but his presence seemed to produce an aurora of inviting, kindness, warmth. The man peers at me and thinks aloud,"why walk alone in such demanding conditions and let me help you to your home." The man takes out a marvelous shovel and begins clearing a path to my house. I thank the man and walk my way home thinking to myself why would he help me for. My curiosity intrigues me, so I turn back to ask the man but he is gone as if he disappeared from the world. I gaze upon the sky, as the wind still whistles in my ear but the snow has stop falling, and then to the old light post where the light has stop flickering and shines brightly.

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