Everyone Has A Dream

December 5, 2010
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Everyone has a dream. But my dream is big, my dream is to get through these hardships to get to America, for a new life. This place smells, and my body is being taken over by my arthritis. My body aches more and more each day. Every night the boat tosses and turns and aggravates my arthritis.

A lonely tear runs down my face. I miss my family so much! The more I look at their happy faces, the more my heart hardens. "I'm here for you." Madeline replies, as she comes to sit by my side to comfort me. "Thanks." I sadly reply, trying to believe this journey will soon end.

"Whoosh!" the boat jerks to the side, leaving me and Madeline on the ground in pain. "Are you okay?" Madeline replies, pulling herself up off the ground. As I try to stand up my leg jerks making me collapse again. I start to think about the people who sadly depart from having health issues.

Meanwhile, as I lay down to sleep on the rough tiled floor, I begin to feel a knot form in my stomach, from the thought of answering questions, to get to America. My mind begins to play out an act of a person asking about my religion than me answering about my education. I start to cry, trying to bring up the thought of my old life with no worries or bad things occurring. My eyes become heavy, as I dose off to awake in the morning.

"Wake up!" Madeline jerks my shoulder, making me pop up. I steel fill the knot in my stomach. "Come on, come on!" Madeline repeats running towards the lines to answer questions. I struggle to get up, and run to the lines. The sun arises leaving me burning, in the hot sun.

Meanwhile, the line shortens leaving a person in front of me about to go ask questions. I find the thought that it's my turn. I helplessly pray to God to not let me wonder off in mid- sentence due to my illness. I step forward to the desk face to face to the guy who asks questions.

"What is your education?" the guy asks deeply. "Um...Um..." I mutter the answer. "I have seven children." "Mam, I said education. I feel humiliated and scared. I answer the question right after a while, and move to get a health check.

After I finish all the centers. I make a big sigh of relief to have gotten through all of it. I made the sacrifices of leaving my children, and need to begin a new journey. As soon as I get free time I start looking for a reasonable job to begin to make money in.

Today I work in the town of New York City, each long day I work for a tiring 13 hours, and for seventy-five cents a week. I made a wrong decision to come to America, today immigrants really affect America because of crimes and bad neighborhoods. Now my life is really lonely and tiring. I made a wrong decision to come here.

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