Broken Heart, Strengthened Mind (Part 1)

December 1, 2010
I ran away crying from that moment. That moment where the only person I really loved, besides my parents, just told me "he wasn't safe for me." I didn't know what he meant at all; he refused to even hint. And I trudged away through the snow.

I felt angry, but I didn't exactly feel hatred for him. I would never feel hatred for him. He was just too much of a...part of me. We'd been together too long for me to feel anything more than anger at him.

I decided that it would be no more. I wouldn't talk to him, see him, and I would even try not to think about him. No chance at all. I would build up a wall around myself, and focus only on my school work, just as I had at all of my other homes. Then my parents would finally agree to take me somewhere else, instead of making me live alone in the place where he left me.

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