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November 11, 2010
By Jimmie Barron BRONZE, Springdale, Ohio
Jimmie Barron BRONZE, Springdale, Ohio
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Your soul is as free as the wind, flowing miraculously as the slow stream in the autumn chill. It is not one specified color yet it is many colors more than the rainbow, thus revealing you have a certain lust for emotion. You lust is as strong as a mother bear fending for her cubs, never giving up in your search. Eventually your search will end and your soul will rest until then you’re in a constant battle of search, as is the battle within the heart. The heart is in battle with love, love of witch you have not found; your lust for love is almost as strong as the want for emotion. You meet the love of your life, her beautiful features. She is the most wonderful person you have ever met you hope she loves you back only fairly known she is the one always on your mind. Your thoughts are consistent, more than the blood that flows in your body she is your love and you will never lose her

The author's comments:
i was riding the bus and just got bored took about 8mins to finish it

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