Ships and Dreams

November 13, 2010
By Maddiewrites13 GOLD, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
Maddiewrites13 GOLD, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
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Boots laced up and a lacy dress. Smells of coffee, and a winters day. We dance among the trees, and fallen leaves. Our minds are ships, all set for sail. Smoke mixed in with our own air. Sunlight lights up this whole world. Don’t tread on us, we’re on our way, to cafes filled with velvet chairs, and theaters all dressed in red and gold. The songs of our lives play quite loud, through the streets, and around the town. We dream of Winter on a Summers day, and cocoa in a white hot glass, and rosy cheeks, and fresh white snow. We all write our books by warm red fires. In leather chairs, we sit and stare, at our futures. Who knew they’d be wrapped up in pencils, paper, and piano keys. So dance outside until moonlight comes. The stars will guide you home, and tuck you in, and kiss you goodnight. You say goodbye just for tonight. We’ll meet in the morning’s light, through the woods, across the streams, to greet our bags of dreams, all bursting at the seams. We’ll set them free, parading with them, carrying paper flags, and yellow flowers. We’ll write our own sets of rules, and then break them all one by one, cause in our worlds, in order to get where you are going, you must get of track, and find your own way. Cups of tea and checkerboards, and masks and capes, we shall adorn. I’ll write until I can’t no more, but that won’t be until my whole end. Look for me upon those shelves, I’ll be there in the form of words, with 300 pages, and black printed letters. They shall pick me up, and hold me tight.
When I cross those streams, and walk those streets, and and dance until the world sleeps, my words will be read, all across the world, and that’s no lie. Darling, just you wait and see.

The author's comments:
This is just a bunch of random stuff that kept popping into my mind, and it just all kind of worked.

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