One In A Million

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She’s just a grain of sand in the ocean. A star among billions. A rain drop in a rain storm. She feels so small when this thought comes to her. God put us here for a reason, weather that reason be big or small. But why is she, she. Out of the billions and millions of people on earth, she is her. She could’ve been a billionaire, with everything in the world in her grasp. She could’ve been an all time athlete with world records. She could’ve been an artist and paint paintings worth millions. She could’ve been the popular girl whose dad buys her everything she wants. She could’ve been a celebrity, actress, musician, or politician. She could’ve been some amazing person here on earth. Or she could’ve been on the street, homeless. Her parents could’ve abandoned her. She could’ve been the person that just O.D’d this morning. She could be the girl that gets made fun of everyday for what she wears. She could’ve been the emo chick that dreams of suicide. She could be the pregnant teen with another child at home. She could’ve been the girl with the abusive boyfriend. She could’ve some poor starving girl in Africa with three starving little brothers of her own. Out of everyone in the world, she is her. She comes home to a loving family that is just barely making it in life. She lives in a small community with so many cousins she can’t remember any of them. She has friends that care about her. She has a normal life with no complications. Except maybe a few here and there, but what would life be without them? She was put here for a reason, and know one knows but God.

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hopeIShere said...
Nov. 18, 2010 at 8:54 pm
wow! seriously loved this...its so simple but has an amazing moral and even amazingerrrrrrrrrr meaning!!!
Oranges_24 replied...
Nov. 20, 2010 at 12:51 pm
Thanks :) I've been meaning to write this...cuz like I always have that feeling and its hard to explain it but yeah i always have that feeling of smallness :D
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