That's Life

November 17, 2010
I took seven of them as if maybe the first six were lying to me. Finally by the seventh it sunk in, I was in fact pregnant at seventeen. I swear sometimes my life would make for the perfect Lifetime movie. However I would much rather be on an episode of Punked at the moment. I have a feeling Ashton Kutcher isn’t going to be jumping out of my shower anytime soon though. I gaze at myself in the mirror. My face is as pale as a ghost with the exception of my mascara-smeared raccoon eyes. Tears flow down my cheeks as I silently sob. How was I going to tell Casey? This was going to kill him. Senior year is only a week old and with football season just starting for him, he doesn’t need any distractions. What about me? I don’t cause trouble, I get decent grades, and I work my a** off every day after school at the local diner, getting puny tips and paychecks in the hopes of making it as far out of this little hick town as soon as I can. Those hopes are gone now along with everything I’ve worked for and dreamed of. I’ve got to go see Casey.

I put my Jeep in park in the school lot and march down to the practice field. I spot Casey on the far side of the field sprinting shirtless and sweaty. For a moment I forget why I’m there but then realize it’s that very effect he has on me that put me in the spot I’m in right now. Damn him and his good looks. He sees me and jogs over.
“Hey, babe,” he says kissing me on the forehead, “what are you doing here? You know how coach gets about visitors during practice.”
I glance over my shoulder and see coach Andrews giving me the evil eye.
“Yeah I know, but I really need to talk to you…It’s kind of important.”
“Well it’s going to have to wait. I’ll be by later.” he turns to walk away.
“Casey!” I scream.
“Amanda, not now. I’m sure whatever it is can wait,” he snarls.
He walks away leaving me standing on the side lines. Well that went exactly the way I wanted.

I pull back into my drive way and sit in my car for a moment crying. I look up and realize my mom’s car is home. Oh no! The bathroom! I left in such a hurry I forgot to take out the trash. I gently close the front door, silently praying she hasn’t made it to the bathroom yet.
“Good afternoon Amanda,” she says tapping her fingers on one of the boxes, “Is there something maybe we should discuss?”
What was the point of praying it’s not like god had been much help up to this point.
“Well, Mom, from the looks of it I think you know everything, so nope I’ve got nothing to say.”
Maybe that wasn’t the best approach but really I had all I could take today. My mother stands up and moves towards me with a finger out pointing at me.
“You will not live under my roof with a baby! Do you understand me? I have enough to deal with taking care of you!”
“Taking care of me?” I can’t help but laugh, “Well I must have missed that. Was that before or after husband number four?”
“You will not talk to me that way, Amanda! You will get rid of the baby. Is that clear?”
The thought of not going through with the pregnancy had never crossed my mind. I was outraged that she had the gall to say such a thing.
“No, I don’t care if I have to move out and live in a box, but I will have this baby, and I will be a better mother than you ever were. Is that clear?”
I brush past her and slam the door to my room. I hear the sound of her car start. No doubt she was on her way to drink away her sorrow and probably try to forget she ever gave birth to such a horrid daughter. My doorbell rings shortly after. I open the door to see Casey standing on the other side of it.
“Hey, so I see you have time to talk now?”
“Stop with dramatics Amanda. I’m here now, so let’s talk.” He gives me his mega watt smile and I melt.

We go to my room and I tell him everything. He sits there for a minute soaking it all in.
“So what are you going to do?” he asks
“What am I going to do? Casey this is your baby too.”
“No, Amanda, this is your baby. I want no part of it or you.” he says turning and walking out of my house.

The sting of his words hit me and tears fall once again. I grab a duffel bag from my closet and begin stuffing it with my belongings. I smash open my money jar that sits on my dresser throwing the cash into the bag. On the counter I write my mom a note: I’m gone. I figure that should suffice. I close the door to my Jeep and throw my bag on the seat next to me. I guess I’m getting out of this town a little sooner than I had planned. But hey that’s life I guess.

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