A-Not-So-Very-Normal -Day

November 8, 2010
By girlsknowhowtoparty SILVER, Loveland, Ohio
girlsknowhowtoparty SILVER, Loveland, Ohio
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If life gives you lemons - throw them back and demand tacos!!!! O-O

I heard my mom screeching down stairs "rise and shine sleeping beauty!" I groaned and sat up banging my head on the wall-um... oww! So much for taking all those ballet lessons -( cuz, i am soo gracefull!um.. NOT!)I grab a tee-shirt and sweats ,slip them on and run downstars tripping on my feet. I grab a apple and then run outside just as the bus stops in front of my house- Yess!

I plop down next to my friend Sylvia , she smirks and says "good to see you not running, behind the bus screaming like a maniac." I punch her gently in the arm,and say, "watever u per-fecto".

When the bus pulls into the parking lot, Sylvia and me race to the front of the bus. ignoring the "heys" and "watch were your going dumbo!" We run out of the bus then she says " see you Skyler-later!" "yeah you to!" i said.The bell rang oh... man i had Mr.Stone today..Here's the thing about Mr.Stone-watch out you would rather be absent than late- believe me *flinch*.

So i sneak into the library keeping my head down- i dont feel like chatting with Miss.smith the librarian today.I sit down and start reading Romeo and Juliet-a class assignment from the dreaded Mr.Stones class.All of a sudden i hear some upbeat lively music -sounds like its coming from the wall behind me!

I get out of the chair and tiptoe to the wall ,there is a door- i think the music is inside the room . I peer through the window and....AHHHH,omg, lol, hehe, haha- miss.smith is singing and dancing-oh wait, please no...she is doing the shimmy!I take out my cellphone and start recording.

After that very unusual experience, later that day me and Sylvia sit down on a bench and i show her the video of Miss.Smith-buy the end of the video we are cracking up with milk squirting out of our noses. I say"we should so put this on You tube!"She gasps and says "Oh my gosh-i know right?!"

Im in Mr.Swipes class doing algebra when all of a sudden- a guy with bag pipes comes in. A bunch of girl dancers come in!I almost choke on my pencil when they start dancing and playing bag pipes! I pull out my cellphone.

I am getting ready to go home when a big guy with the letters F.B.I on his suit front and back comes up and says is your name Skyler Sweeps? I nod- he then says "follow me" -i do- everyone is watching.I feel like im under a bigger than life itself microscope.I take out my cellphone.

I hear screaming splitting my ear drums as we reach the doors to the front of the school there is a red carpet and cameras flashing and police trying to hold everyone back from me- wait what?- from ME? ...whoa.We reach the limo... uhh?

The big F.B.I guy opens up the door to the limo and i just stand there staring at the door-"You should step in the limo " he says "oh right" i say i get in the limo and the door slams shut- people are now throwing themselves at the sides of the limo.What are they so jazzed up about? I turn around and catch my breath - now i see why.

There right in the limo is Britney spears and lady gaga and Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Lady gaga smiles and says "so your new at this?" I nod. Miley says "Hon ,you can rest while we are driving."I have no idea how i fell asleep in that limo.

I wake up and sit up fast-and banged my head against the wall um ...wait -what?! "Good morning honey!" my mom shouts upstairs."Wow that was all a dream" i muttered i go down stairs and check my cell phone for anything... a few texts from Sylvia asking me were i was yesterday. why? i found a voice mail message ,i listened to it-"Hello Skyler! just letting you know that i am your new agent!The movies i have planned for you are great! Can not wait for you to produce your first album!Call me -toddles!" I gasped wait... could it be..Yes.. it was!I still had all those videos from yesterday! "Mom!!!"- I shouted -mom came in "yes?" "do you know about all this agent stuff?" i asked "surprise!!"she said. that was the end of Skyler Sweeps as we know it-and the beginning of a new one.

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on Dec. 11 2010 at 12:08 pm
Flowergoat SILVER, Pleasant Plain, Ohio
9 articles 0 photos 14 comments
I really love your description it paints a great picture.  Some changes you could make are editing and capitalization but other than that it's an awesome story.

on Dec. 2 2010 at 4:33 pm
Charity Paddock BRONZE, Loveland, Ohio
1 article 1 photo 5 comments
Love this!

today said...
on Nov. 27 2010 at 10:55 am
Dreams of stardom come true. How fun!  When did reality end and the dream begin?  Keep writing!


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