Her forever love

November 12, 2010
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Disbelief showed on her young face, turned up to the pouring rain as the tears slide down her pale cheeks. Her eyes, so blue once that they could compete with the most beautiful of sapphires, were full of the pain she felt as he walked away, leaving her alone in the rain.
He looks back at her over his shoulder, his curling brown hair matting on his foreheaf, his dark green eyes wary. He stares at her for a moment then turns back around and keeps walking.
She falls to her knees on the grass, her long black hair matting to her skin, she buries her face in her hands and continues to weep.
She only wanted his love, for years she had given her own to him, and now he had thrown it back at her, breaking her.
Standing slowly, she walks to the cliff just on the other side of the trees. Her heart belonged to him for five long years, and even when he broke it into tiny fragments, she still loved him with each tiny peice.
Her legs and lips tremble as she continues forward. She stops at the edge of the cliff and prays one slow and sad prayer for forgivness. She jumps, feels the wind against her, then the cold water and her loss of breath...then nothing, nothing but peace...atlast.
Then she hears him, his screams, her name, continuing over and over. She smiles, he cares! She feels an arm around her waste, feels it pull her up. She sees his face when they break the water surface, sees his tears and his desperation. All of it.
He pulls her closer and kisses her, tells her he's sorry, tells her he'll never let her go again, no matter what....
He could have done that...but he didn't, he just kept walking away....
And she kept loving him until her final breath slide from her parted lips to be replaced by cold water....


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red-head said...
Nov. 18, 2010 at 10:10 pm

Alright, I just read another of your stories, and I didn't have to look at the author to know you had writen it.

Thank You.

AshK** replied...
Nov. 19, 2010 at 7:47 am

Thank you, I am glad you are enjoying my work. I have written many more stories on teenink but this and "Im sorry...." are written in a new different way than i usually do. But i am glad to know it turned out so good, I will definatly write more such as this.

Thank you

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