One Way Out

November 12, 2010
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“Ah! The rain is coming. As soon as I said that my brother ran and tried to cover the opening of the cave. He picked up the make shift quilt made out of leaves and whatever else we could find. It some what looked my bed cover before the flight. The flight. Everything was great before it. My family was okay except for the fighting. They spoke vigorously to each other like two swordsmen fighting back and forth with each other till there is no one left standing. Their fighting didn’t just affect them it also affected my little brother and me. Even though it bothered me it hit my brother hard. Whenever he heard the fighting he would cry, cry, and cry. Our rooms where right next to each other and I could just hear him. I felt so useless because I didn’t know how to help him. I just lay there hearing the distress of my little brother.

“Hmmmmh” I wished quietly at my self. I walked outside the cave and everything was wet. Not so much that it was unbearable to work in but enough to make your shoes wet. I went to go get berries for breakfast and I saw the plane. Number one hundred nineteen. Now only the tail of the plane was poking out of the clear blue water.
“OH MY GOODNESS! There was a survival pack in the plane!!!!” I yelled out at myself. In health at my school we learned about things that a human need to survive. Somehow the conversation moved to being on an island with the plane still there and my health teacher Mrs. Alfonzo educated us that we should know that on a plane there is always a pack with essentials like a pan, dried food, and just anything else you need when you’re alone and need help. The reason I remembered was because I need to get a hundred on the test to get and A- for the semester but I received a ninety-eight because I missed the essential survival question that she added to the test to see if anyone even paid attention in class.
So I swam to the lake and I tried to bash myself into the hull of the plane. I figured I was way to light to because I didn’t even make a dent into the little tiny hull of the plane. So I thought for a moment and I tried to crack part of the hull that was already staring to fall apart. I tried and tried and tried to crack it a little more. However the hull was sitting there with no harm done to it not even a scratch on it. I guess that my weight has gone down and my strength too due to the fact of the loss of food intake. Then I hopelessly gave up yelled a few times and got back to shore. As was walking to the cave I looked at my reflection in the water and I was all cut up and had a burn running from the top left of my face going down diagonally to the bottom right side of my face. It looked nasty just having it there I looked mean and I sort of scared myself. I thought for a moment and decided to dunk my head under water and the cool invigorating water felt amazing on my burnt face. However I dumbly struck my face as I was drying off and I touched my face and it killed. I felt like 1000 burning needles were just all thrown into my skin. Once again I dunked myself in the water to sooth the fire burning invigorating pain.
Then I realized that my burn could get infected and I could get extremely sick. If I get sick my brother would be here alone. My little brother might be able to stay home alone sometimes. Never the less out here in the woods he’s terrified to be alone. I don’t blame him either. It is weird out here. Sometimes when I can’t see him I panic cause I cause I can’t imagine him her alone. The only things that are weirder are the bears and wolves. At night you can see their yellow sunlight eyes staring at you dead on. Just waiting for you to make a move so their pack can jump you like gangs in Los Angles would. However the bears are even worse. They just come in like monster big giants and that come in searching through everything like they own these woods. When the bears come Joey is shaking like a vibrating cell phone that kept shaking and shaking and would not stop. He always would say to me that he could hear the bear’s foot steps. I agreed. They were such big animals and there steps made vibration and you could feel then. Their roar would break your eardrums like nails to a chalk bored would do. But the wolves made Joey go crazy. When ever they came for a drink by the pond or to do whatever he flipped I had to cover his mouth or they would get us and then it would be a disaster.
“OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT WAS THAT!” my little brother screamed with terror and excitement at the same time.
“I don’t know. I am going to look outside stay here ok.” I replied to him in a soft voice just in case it is some thing harmful.
“Ok.” Joey said quietly because right then he was frightened to death. As I steeped out of the cave I saw a big willow tree just chilling on the ground. The tree just snapped in half because the stump had crack marks on it.
“Hey Rob are you ok.” Joey yelled with terror.
“Yeah, I am ok. It is just that there is a big tree that is just on the ground and I think it snapped off or something.” I yelled. Then I noticed that the tree knocked the plane under the surface further down into the bottom of the lake. Now there was no way I could get that survival pack to give to Joey because he is getting skinny fast. With the lack of food both of us are going to thin and that could be a problem because in the wild you need all the help you can get.
“Rob, rob, rob! Come here! People, People. Rob hurry.” Joey yelled like he used to yell on Christmas day when he received his first bike and started yelling and riding it in the living room.
“WHAT! Where are they?” I asked
“Rob, they are up in the sky. They are in a helicopter. Up. Look up!” he yelled. I looked and I see a black helicopter and I immediately went to the fire pit and I pulled out our last match to light the signal fire that Joey and I made just in case something like this happened. So I dumped some leaves and branches that Joey found and we tested them before and when we lit them they made a dark black cloud of smoke. However the people didn’t see us so Joey and I panicked and we started yelling HELP! We yelled so loud that my throat was throbbing with agonizing pain that one thousand angry ferocious fire ants could not compete to the excruciating presence. Joey and I were ready to give up. We were tired; our throats were burning, our heads felt so light as if all our blood in our head just left, and everything else just drifted out of my head into the deep dark abyss of nothingness. As we head back to the cave with a sad look a little boy would have for getting a terrible Christmas present; we feel the winds picking up and the trees around are going crazy, and we hear an engine. That could only mean one thing. Then I whispered to Rob, “We are going home Joey. Finally going home!”

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