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November 11, 2010
By juhneen_6 SILVER, Pellston, Michigan
juhneen_6 SILVER, Pellston, Michigan
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they were always so helpful when i was younger. i never saw this coming. it seemed like the people we love will always love you and never turn their back on you. atleast thats what i thought. naive, completely naive. bad, silly, and foolish: i was much that. i couldnt believe that they would be so ignorant. but as soon as i came out all my friends were gon. i never saw them socially or anything. i fell apart. but now i think i have them back... thats wrong though, isnt it? they left me alone and abandoned me in my time of need. it did hurt, definetely. and now i feel like my friends except me, finally. but maybe they shouldve been there for me then and not now after i have everything figured out. nice friends i have. to have a friend is to be a friend but i was a friend. im always there when they need me... its just the opposite in this case... they left me. so remember that everytime your with your friends.. are you being a friend to a friend or are you bailing on a person who you call friend? not loyal, not a bit.

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