The Day My Life Changed

November 10, 2010
By ashr1282 BRONZE, Limerick, Maine
ashr1282 BRONZE, Limerick, Maine
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“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Running down the field, with the ball in my stick, is quite the adrenaline rush. I feel like nothing could stop me now.

“Go Nichole!” screamed my mom, cheering me on.

“Go Dukes!” yelled someone else from the sideline. As I sprint, closer, and closer to the goal, it seems as if I can actually hear my blood pumping.

This is it. I have the ball, and it’s the last 8 seconds of the game. The score: 6-6. With the clock ticking, I continue to run down the field. The final goal is all up to me.


It’s so bright in here. Where am I? In alarm, I sit up fast. With a sudden sense of dizziness, I lay back down. It smells like a hospital, with all those chemical smells. Then I heard the door open.

“Nichole? How are you feeling honey?”, said a voice.

I sat up. Slowly this time. “Who are you?”, I asked.

“That’s not funny, sweetheart”. Realizing I really didn’t know who she was, her face turned pale, and she ran out the door.

As I finally get a chance to see where I am, I realize i’m in a hospital. What the heck? Next to me, I see a clock. It’s 6:24am.

The voice came back, but now there were two. And the one that I heard before, did not sound happy. “But i’m her mother, and she doesn’t even remember who I am!”. Mother? No. I would know who my mother is. Wouldn’t I?

“I’m sorry Mrs. Thompson, but your daughter could possibly have amnesia”, said, i’m assuming, the doctor. And then I heard her crying.

The door popped open. “Good morning, Nichole. How do you feel?”, the doctor greeted.

“Um. Not too well. What happened?”

“You hit heads with one of the girls on the other team. On the plus side, you managed to still get the goal. But on the down side, you went into a concussion. And I’m afraid to say, you may have lost your memory”.

“Woah, slow down. What do you mean by ‘goal’?”, I asked.

“You made the winning point for your lacrosse team”.

“I play lacrosse?” What was he talking about?

“Oh my...”, my mother whimpered.

“‘Played’ would be the correct term. You were the captain. But I’m sorry to say, you cannot play anymore. Would you like to hear the story?” he questioned.

I nodded. “You were running down the field with the ball, and then right when you were just about to throw the ball, you hit heads with one of the other teams defense. It immediately knocked you out. And the other girl too”, he answered.

“So, how did I manage to get the winning point?”

“According to your mother, and other fans, when you and the defense player hit heads, the girl fell straight to the ground, and she hit your stick with a lot of strength. Which made the ball fly towards the goal. The goalie seemed to have been too concentrated on what had just happened, that she didn’t see the ball coming. And now, here you are.”

Speechless, I lay back down.

“Well we’ll leave you for a little while, so you can digest everything you’ve just been told. It’s quarter of 7 right now. I’ll be back in about 2 hours to see if your hungry”.

“Actually, I’m hungry now”.

“Oh, okay. I’ll have someone bring in some food soon”.

“Thanks”. Even though I wasn’t really thankful. I can remember some things now. Like, I remember my best friends. Their names are Crystal Stanton, and Emma Hastings. And, I think I have a boyfriend... Right? Brent Roberge. But, who’s my dad?

Want to find out more about Nichole and her dad? Go to the nearest book store and look for the following:
“Does My Name ‘Ring-a-Bell’?”,
“Pitch Black”,
“It’s not always a happy ending”.
This series is a best-seller.

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