If It Is The Last Thing I Do

November 3, 2010
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I was in and out of Hopkins Hospital for the next three years after the fire, getting work done on my lungs and getting reconstructive surgery for my face and body. Still all the while I knew, no matter how much physical and mental therapy I went through, I would never be the same.

I’m Lily Hamilton and I’m 8 years old. I live in Omaha, Nebraska with my mom dad and 2 older siblings, Rosie and Forest. Rosie is 15 and is a sophomore at Benson High and Forest is 21 with no job and he’s living at home. Forest is always getting into trouble with the police and making mama mad (which I think he does on purpose because when he gets in trouble so do Rosie and I). Rosie is a genius and makes all A’s all the time. It’s her choice that she hasn’t already graduated. I’m just Lily I’m not super smart or really mean or too beautiful or too ugly, I’m just average Lily. Nothing ever happens to me.
“Where is that boy?!” My mama had been going on about Forest being late for diner for the past hour.
“I’m sure he’s on his way. You know him he probably lost track of time or got stuck in traffic or something.” That’s good old dad. Trying to help someone how is in obvious trouble.
“You know what I…”she stopped in her tracks and we all knew why. She rose hastily from her chair to open the door for the guy who had lost his key……again.
Rosie and I looked at each other and decided this was one fight we did not want to see or be a part of so we jumped up from our seats grabbed our food and ran to the bathroom. Our house is one floor and the bathroom is the only sound proof room with a lockable door. We go there every time there is a fight, so most every night, and hide till the fight is over and the yelling, which is only a whisper to us, is gone. This is the only reason Rosie and I are so close. We were united in the fact that we hate yelling and fighting as much as everyone else loves it.
“Uno or Old Maid?” I asked grabbing the deck of cards from under the sink (we quickly realize the bathroom is boring and the fights are long so we hid games in there).
“We haven’t played Crazy 8’s in a while,” she replied mesmerized by the flipping cards in her hands, “or maybe Racko….listen to the fight. It’s getting really loud.” We listened to the “I hate you” and “get a job” and something’s I’m not allowed to say for what seemed like hours.
I woke up to the sound of the door unlocking and the light flipping on. I open my eyes to see I’m using a towel as a pillow and another towel as a blanket. “Is it over?” I ask wearily, unwilling to open me ears and listen for myself.
“I’m pretty sure it’s been over for about an hour but I was waiting to make sure.” Rosie answered peaking her head around the side of the door waiting to hear more fighting. “It’s ok now we can go out……do you want me to carry you to your room?”
I then opened my eyes enough to see her face and if she was serious or not. I may not be fat but I’m not very light and she’s not very strong. She was serious and I contemplated saying yes but I decide not to risk a brain injury and walk myself. I didn’t answer her because an answer was not needed I simply got up walked across the hall to my room shut the door and plopped in bed.
I was having a great dream about me and my softball team and I had just pitched the winning run and won the championship. I was so happy till I heard an alarm and saw the grill smoking. A fire truck pulled up then I was roughly jerked awake by Rosie and the suffocating smoke. She pulled me out of bed as I was first realizing the siren wasn’t in my head it as the fire alarm. I picked myself up and Rosie and I dashed for the door. I assumed Forest, mama, and dad had gotten out the back were worrying over finding us. I heard a crash and turned around to see every window in the hallway and living room was smashed. Rosie reach for the door but before she could touch it, it flew open and a man in a yellow and black suit stepped in. I sighed in relief to see a fireman was there to save my house and help us out.
“Come here let me get you out” he said urgently to Rosie as he picked her up “ stay there I’ll be right back for you” he said to me in a serious voice that made me feel like I needed to obey him if it was the last thing I did.
It was getting really hot and the fire was inching towards me. It was a cat that had me, the mouse, trapped in a corner. Right where it wanted me. I was looking franticly for the fireman and a way out when it happen. I was standing under an archway separating the first hallway from the dining room when it collapsed. It didn’t knock me out but it burned. I screamed and ran for the door. I figured I was burnt and ruined and it no longer mattered so I grabbed the burning door handle and tore the door open. The cool outside air made my bloody, burnt body sting all over and it was too much to handle. The world around me and people rushing towards me got blurry then it was all black.
I was in and out of Hopkins Hospital for the next three years after the fire, getting work done on my lungs and getting reconstructive surgery for my face and body. Everyone told me I would be fine and everything would go back to normal in a few years. Still all the while I knew, no matter how much physical and mental therapy I went through, I would never be the same.
It turned out that it was Forest’s fault the fire was started. He was lighting a cigarette when he dropped his lighter. Everyone was ok but me and that made Forest hate how he was and he changed.
Now I am 14 and I have learned and done some great things since then.
I made Forest stop smoking
I started a smoking awareness group to show ALL the bad things that can happen because of smoking
I learned that in the world terrible things happen every day for no reason and when people see it on the news on in the paper they don’t care until it happens to them. This shows how closed mind and uncaring people can be.

The End

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