Mountain Dew

October 26, 2010
I’m at the hospital. Ok, wait, I’m at the hospital and completely bored out of my mind. You see, my grandma has a broken leg (which I’m sorry about,) and has a really bad back. So my family is visiting her for the day. Her room T.V. has bad reception and only has cooking shows and soap operas, so I can’t watch baseball. So right now, I’m headed to that one room where they have the microwave and the vending machines and the soda machine, which is what I’m going for first.

When I walked in the room, there’s no one else there. “Yes!” I think to myself. “I can do whatever I want in here.” First though, I head toward the soda machine and put in my lucky dollar. But it was all crinkled, so I had to straighten it with the microwave door. I opened the door and put my dollar halfway in. I shut the door and then pulled. Then, all of a sudden, my dollar ripped. I had to use my last quarters which means no snacks for me, Grrr. I slowly insert my coins for dramatic effect, but then I stopped because that’s kind of weird. I pushed B2 for Mountain Dew and down it came. When I reached down to get the Dew, it was stuck! Yeah, you read right. Stuck! Aww, I only had one dollar, that was already ripped, and my four quarters. So I reached down and lodged my hand behind the bottle. My hand can feel the cold from the refrigeration part. I pull on the bottle, but it doesn’t move. No matter which way I push or pull, it won’t move. Well then, I’m getting Mom and then getting my Mountain Dew, but when I go to pull my hand out, it’s stuck, too. So now I’ve lost two dollars, lost my Dew and lost my hand. This has to be the worst day I’ve had in a while. I mean, my grandma’s upstairs in a comfy bed with some cooking show on T.V. and nurses to tend to your every will. Sure she can’t walk well, but come on, you got people waiting on you hand and foot. That’d be sweet.

Anyway, I have no idea how to get out. Maybe if I pulled really hard, I’ll at least get my hand back. So I pulled really hard and POP! I think I broke something in the machine and my hand is still stuck. But, my Mountain Dew is out, so I got my dollar’s worth of a drink. Well, maybe if I can unplug the machine, I will be able to wheel it into the hallway and into the elevator where someone is sure to find me. Unplugging the thing was harder than I thought though, but I got it. Next step now is to wheel it in the hallway. I wheeled the machine to the doorway. Then I hit, yet again, another problem. The doorway’s too small and the soda machine won’t fit. So I pushed and pushed until I had no more push left in me. Yeah, it wouldn’t go through. So I turned the whole thing around and tried pulling it through. It actually made it halfway through the doorway then it got stuck. “What is this? National get everything stuck day?” I wonder to myself. So I pulled with all my might and the machine slid right through. Unfortunately, I pulled it right on top of me. The machine is lying right on my leg, and there is no way I can get it off. I think I broke it, (my leg that is.) Isn’t anyone going to come and find me?
After what seemed like 20 minutes (it was probably around three) and a good pool of tears, my sister Maria and my mom finally came down and helped me. Mom got the machine off me, and Maria got my hand out. (I loosened it up for her though.) So, right now, I’m in a hospital bed with a basketball game on and a nurse button to push if I need anything. I was right, I broke my leg. So now I can be with grandma more. We had to pay $300 for the machine (which is coming out of my allowance. Ouch!) But everything did come unstuck, including my Mountain Dew, which I did, in fact, get to drink!

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