November 3, 2010
By , argyle, NY
Sometimes you just have those days. Those days where you just want to run away and never come back. You feel like no one wants you there. The feeling that no one loves you. That everyone hates you. You try to talk and you feel like everyone is ignoring you. You feel like you are almost, trapped. Trapped inside a little box that seems to be getting bigger and bigger. While you are in that box, you try to scream and yell, but no one hears you. You see an opening at the end of the box. You run toward it, but every step you take, the opening seems to be getting farther away. You become weak after running for hours. There it is at the end of the box. A bright little light just twinkling, waiting for you to just run through it to the other side where you are back to civilization. But you grow tired of running, so you stop. The dark box. It gets pitch black with you trapped inside. You can’t see a single thing that you are doing. You grow scared and you don’t know what to do or what you can do. You sit down on the cold hard floor, and cry. You cry and cry, but nothing happens. You just want someone to come along and help you and make it all go away. You fall asleep crying. Crying like you have never cried before. You soon wake up in a haze, not exactly knowing what happened and where you are at the moment. Still no one is there. You wait in the darkness by yourself. You think about all that has happened, and cry a little more and stop. You finally get up. You now desperately want someone there by your side. You try to take gentle little steps trying not to hurt yourself anymore than you already are, for if you do, you feel you might just shatter like glass when it hits the floor. You wait again in the silent, stilled darkness. Silence surrounds you, and has you in its grasp. There is absolutely no movement, no noise, no nothing. Just the desolate nothing keeping you from civilization. You wonder to yourself, “Why me? Why am I here while everyone else is bustling around in the busy streets of the city? Everyone is loud, and there are many noises around them. So why me? Why can’t anyone talk to me? What did I do?”

Days go by as you still wonder how long you will be in this place. There is no one to talk to, nothing to say, and nothing to do. All there is to do is wait and hope. Waiting and hoping is all that fills your mind at moments. You feel yourself slowly dissolving into a puddle of sorrow. You gently weep once in a while, but quickly get over it. You try running, trying to find someone, something! It is all a waste. Useless. Useless is how you’ve felt for a long time. Apparently no one cares enough about you because you are still there. Trapped inside this box. You are sick of doing nothing.

But one day you will find that light that you found a long time ago. You think, what is the use of trying to run for it, and ignore it. A couple of days go by, and the light is still there. One day you might decide to go after that light, and go through that tunnel. If you decide to go through this tunnel, it will be the end of this nothing. The nothing that has been eating at you for what feels like, years. If you decide to go through this tunnel, you will find happiness and joy. If you go through this tunnel, you will be free. Free of the awful thoughts that filled your mind for a long time. If you decide to go through this tunnel, there will be no more darkness, ever! There will be no more silence. If you decide to go through this tunnel, there will be no more pondering as to what will happen to you for then on. But you will not know for a long time what is through that bright tunnel at the end of that box for a long time, for you are trapped. Trapped racing through your mind. Trapped in this nowhere place. Trapped where no one will find you because you won’t let anyone else in. Trapped in this place because your mind refuses to leave.

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emmalynn said...
Nov. 10, 2010 at 2:56 pm
hi, i really want to hear everyones comments and what they like/dislike about this article.  i really hope you enjoy it!  THANKS!!!!
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