Don't Forget Me

November 3, 2010
By shadowman410 BRONZE, North Tonawanda, New York
shadowman410 BRONZE, North Tonawanda, New York
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We're all prisoners of today; hoping for tomorrow.

“Helix... Helix wake up... please wake up?”
There was a faint light growing as if being born.

“Helix... you there?”
As the light grew brighter a shadowy figure came into view.

“Are you ok?”

As the lingering darkness dissipated Helix decided the figure was a person. As the image became clearer he realized he had no clue as to who this person was. He sat up off the bed. It was a female and he discovered from the men in the green pajamas her name was Karen. However he was not focused on her at the moment. The room he was in had him in a sort of trance. The type of trance that a child has when he walks into the living room on Christmas morning. Helix was noticing all the shiny utensils on the tray and how they sparkled in the light. A light so bright if you shined it in your eyes you would see the light waves coming at you. Another thing that caught his attention was the picture on the wall of a human brain. It showed the brain cut in half and showed the different lobes and what they did. Helix was particularly intrigued by the temporal lobe which retained all memory stored in the mind.

Finally he refocused on Karen who had been chatting away about stuff he neither cared about or payed attention to. Karen wasn’t a very big women, she was skinny and was about 5’5”. She had intense yet sensitive blue eyes and long blonde hair. She seemed nice and was asking a lot of questions but Helix was not saying all that much. As he pondered as to where exactly he was and why he was there. Karen had stopped her rambling and was staring directly into his eyes. She had noticed that Helix had a lost look in them. His eyes has a subtle tint of green that Karen could lose herself into for hours. He was also skinny but he was much taller. Finally she asked

“What’s wrong baby?”


“Yeah baby what is it?”

“Do I... know you?”

“Huh... Doctor?” Karen said with a worried expression on her now flushed face.

As the doctor strolled over and checked his eyes with a bright light, Helix began to panic. “What’s wrong with me?” he thought to himself “I feel fine.” The doctor suddenly changed his expression from casual to serious with a hint of worry in his eyes. This made Helix’s paranoia rattle in his head like a caged beast wanting out. The same two thoughts tossed around in his head like clothes in a dryer. Eventually he blurted out

“What’s wrong with me doc?”

“Well i can’t for certain... but it appears the damage to your head has disrupted your the electrodes in your brain... This is effecting your memory and i think you have what’s called... amnesia... I’m so sorry.”


“My husband has amnesia?” Karen cried out

Helix looked down and saw the wedding ring gleaming in the light.

“You do remember your own wife... don’t you?” Karen said as she fought back her tears. As Helix was feeling his head and counting out all twenty-six stitches he said “I don’t even remember my name...”

The author's comments:
I plan on making this a bigger story.

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