October 30, 2010
By SearchingTheSoul BRONZE, Martin, Tennessee
SearchingTheSoul BRONZE, Martin, Tennessee
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"And those are the words of a gentleman. From the first moment I met you, your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize that you were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry. "

He first saw her when she was reading in the local Starbucks. It wasn't anything out of the normal day to see someone like her in that type of enviroment. Collin drank coffee every morning at the same table, in the same coffee shop for one reason only. The beautiful, lustful woman entered those lovely coffeeshop doors. His tanned body, his large biceps, his fancy bussiness shirt showing his six pack. He was a real catch and the worse part about it was that... He knew it. He smirked and did what he always did strolled on over and made sure that he some how bumped into her and then made small talk. Same trick every time, ha it never failed the same. He was the real Casanova and worse, he knew it.

He made small talk, holding her attention and hers alone, how could anyone not keep there attention on him. He was interesting, he was attractive. He was everything that a female of this day and age would consider a good partner. She would giggled like they always did, he laughed like he always did. It was a repetition of the days before. But somehow this day would be different.

Beth was a small town girl. A kind of town that she needed to leave before she got stuck there. She had her problems and the big city of Chicago was her ticket out. So she left and didn't turn around, no regrets filled her. She sat across from a stranger, a man, she had just met in a coffee shop. She knew his type, good looks, career passed down from his father, the whole works. She was not about to get mixed up into that. Even if his smile was charming. She was a Southern Bell, same kind the type he always went after. Bright blue eyes, long hair that held a soft wave or two from her sleeping with wet curly hair. Beautiful face structure, wonderful curves slender, but not to thin. Damn near perfect to him, as Collin would put it to his fellow work members.

"Your very attractive, you have to be new because I would remember a beautiful face like yours." Beth couldn't help but give a little blushed as she set her book down next to her coffee.
" just moved here a few weeks ago..." Beth seemed to be shy compared to Collin, he was outgoing, always enjoyed the attention that he somehow always manage to bring to him. He smiled flashing his white teeth perfect in every way.
"Welcome to the town Miss?" She kept her bright blue eyes on him and smiled alittle, Collin had the effect on woman like no other, smooth talking handsome looks.
"..Miss.. Just call me Beth.." The look flashing him warned him not to fast she is a slower one, take it slow and easy.
"Nice to meet you Beth, My name is Collin." Again that flash of a his smile made Beth stomach weak, her cheeks flashed red for several secods then went back to the peach color they where.

"Nice to meet you as well Collin.." Collin just smiled and thought to himself,ha no Beth the pleasure really is all mine but for the sake of her being slower then most girls he just remained silent, let her talk, make it look like you care Collin.
"...Do you know where the Chicago Suntimes is? I have a interview and I don't know where it is."
"Hmm its on this side of town not really that far to tell you the truth. And I am horrible at telling directions, not to mention Im heading in that direction anyway. I could just point it out to you?"

Beth looked at him her eyes telling him she was unsure, but her mouth opened before she could really think about.
"That would help me so much..Are you sure-"
"Yeah I'm sure come on, dont want you to be late."

He was born and raised in Chicago, he was use to the surroundings, the loud noises the cars always flying up above the city. It was almost always busy, there was always what seemed to be a sense of rushing everything. While Beth, jumped at every car that sped past them, he laughed finding it funny but watched her breast it was a habit that he refused to ever give up.

"You really arent from around here, where are you from?"

"Country side.." They stayed silent and he kept walking until they approached the skyscraper, "Chicago Suntimes.." She spoke in a soft whisper that couldn't be heard over the cars.
"There you are Beth, it was really nice meeting you. Hopefully I will see you again?" Beth smiled and tilted her head looking at Collin.
"Yes I do hope to see you again Collin." She held out her hand to shake his and when their hands met a small piece of paper was slipped into his when she pulled away she waved. "Thank you again Collin."

Inside his head he was doing a victory dance but outside he just looked at the paper like he had done many times before. He was proud of himself he had only looked at her twice lustfully. He was getting better at this game that he was playing with half the females on the eastern part of Chicago.

Beth sat outside the main office to the Chicago Suntimes building. She held tightly onto her brown leather bag full of her references, and older newspaper columns. She was nervous for several reasons. One she had to cross that unsafe road. Two she had met someone just thirty minutes ago and gave him her number. Three, she needed this job or she would have to go back home to Clinton, Iowa. She didnt want to go back home on her mothers front door step only to be told. "I told you so.." She shook her head and looked at them when they called for her. "Beth Miller your next." She stood up fixed her dress shirt and skirt and walked into the office.

Collin looked at Beth and sat up in his desk chair looking at her. "Ms Beth, please sit down. Thank you Megan." A wink was passed between him and Megan, but luckily Beth didnt see it she was in to much of a shock. The look in Beth's eyes made Collin do yet another victory dance in his head.

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