Too Much

October 29, 2010
By , Downey, CA
I was elven; the school year was almost over. I was excited. I couldn't wait, hanging out with all my friends at the park, and going to see my family. I loved hangin out with my cousin Noah. Even though he was 17 he liked hanging out with me and my brother. But that same week he got sick and got a dislocated shoulder wrestling. I thought he would get better but he just got worse and worse. He went to the hospital. He was in there for about three weeks. Then i got a call, it was the worst call ever, they said he wasn't going to make. All of a sudden I couldn't stand i sat down, hugged my knees and cried i couldn't stop. Everyone went to go say bye; they didn't let me go. When they left i got my bike and just left. I went to the park sat down under a tree and cried. Two days later he was gone. We had fundraisers to pay for his funeral. He has a well known person in the city. After the funeral i didn't feel the same. I didn't go to my aunt's house all summer, I sayed home and cried all day. When I went back to school i heard people talk about him both in a god and bad way. I would get mad, turn around and say "That was my cousin!!" I wold start crying and walk away. I had a very hard time talking after that. I stayed to myself I lost friends gained new ones different ones. They helped me more than my other friends did. But then I started getting into trouble failing classes, detention a lot and fighting with my mom. I stayed with my mom for another year then moved out, I lived with my dad until spring break. Now I've been going back and forth. I don't have too many friends now. I feel worthless. I don't know what to do. And can you beileve all this stared with a death....

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