Happily Ever After

October 26, 2010
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Do you know how every story that has a wedding always ends with a happy ending, and everyone has a happily ever after, Well you can say this is not your average fairy tale book. Let me get on with the story, it was about five a.m. and my sister Courtney was getting married, lord only knows why someone would want to marry her. I’m telling you the truth she is a devil in a human body, that’s what I thought you try waking up every morning and you can’t brush your teeth because someone needs the mirror for an hour to put make-up on.
Well back to the wedding, since my sister was getting married in five hours, people were pulling and tugging on my hair, while others were getting my pink sparkly dress on me. “I say that you can tell that I hate the color pink, and look what I am wearing, I look like a preppy little princes.” I was thinking to myself just a few more hours and your room is mine. “Aww, you look so cute in your little dress” my grandmother said. We only get to see grandma Myrtle at weddings and funerals, last time I saw her was at Auntie Fay’s funeral.
“I just love weddings.” Mom said.
“Gather round everyone the ceremony is about to begin.” A soft but demanding voice said. The wedding bells began to ring and I was walking down the aisle throwing rose peddles on the ground as the brides maids made their way down. The music started and my sister was at the end of the church, with my dad walking her down to give her away, my dad started crying, which is not very often for him. “But there is one thing I don’t get, why do people cry at weddings, I mean come on its supposed to be a happy day; well it is for me anyway.”
The preacher announced for all to sit while the bride and groom read their vows to each other, I have to admit Courtney must really like this guy, here vows were amazing, but Jason’s vows were cheesy. After the wedding everyone went to the venue to eat, after all that singing I was starving. So finally after everyone ate and wished the happy couple a good and joyful life, they went home.
My mom was hysterical in the car, crying none stop. Then I say my life flash before my eyes and with a loud crushing noise, mom and dad started to scream. But I sit still in my seat in shock. The cries finally stopped while the car came to a sudden stop, I was hesitant to open my eyes again for what I thought would be a dream but was truly a nightmare. I finally got courage to open my eyes and I saw nothing but blood splattered on the seat and all over me, I didn’t feel any wounds on myself so I knew it was coming from my parents. When I looked in the front seat I saw my poor mom and dad mangled and cut all over from the windshield that had burst when we hit the tree.
I crawled out of the car and seen headlights coming my way, so I got up of the blacktop and flagged the truck down. The truck was a big ford, with a license plate that said Country boy. The man stopped and was horrified with the sit of me. “What happened here young lady?” he said with a disgusted voice as he watched the blood run down my forehead to my chin. I answered with a cold and breathless voice, “We had a crash and my mom and dad not breathing!” There was a short pause as if the truck driver didn’t know what to say. “It will be okay, I am going to call the cops.”
The cops arrived about thirty minutes later, but for me it felt like a life time. They ask me all kinds of questions about what happened and I told them “That we were driving home from my sisters weeding and my mom, she couldn’t stop crying so my dad took his eyes off the road to get her to calm down and that was it there was a big crushing noise.” I was thinking why, why them, why couldn’t that be me in the body bag instead of them, if only I got to say goodbye one more time.
The sheriff called my sister and her husband to the station where they had taken me to get cleaned up. The sheriff told my sister that the only thing that kept me alive was the seatbelt. “But how, how did this happen!” my sister ask the sheriff, “Well the only thing we know is that your dad took his eyes off the road to calm your mother and they hit a tree, I’m surprised that your sister made it out without any major injuries.”
Since I didn’t have anywhere else to go, my sister and Jason ask me if I would like to live with them. It was my only option so I had to, or go to a foster home. I was later taken to a hospital to get cheeked out, just in case I had a concussion or major bleeding but everything came out alright. In that hospital I realized that all my life I have been mean to my sister just because she was the opposite of me, and she didn’t have to give me a place to stay, I wouldn’t even give me a place to stay if I was her for the way I treated her.
The way home was silent and depressing, we had a long drive to L.A. so I sat in the back and tried to rest but I couldn’t the crash played over, and over in my head until I couldn’t take it anymore. But the doctor did give me some medication to help me sleep through the night.
We finally got to L.A. I tried to make the best of this outcome and when I awoke from the car ride and the medication wore off I was wide awake breaking my neck to see every little detail and building I could see. Until we got to the hotel I listened to music, 104.5 to be exact. The hotel had a pool and everything, it was so cool, so I ask my sis if I could go swimming and of course she said I could and I got on my bathing suit and swam for about an hour until it was time to go eat.
So I got something to eat and I told my sister I loved her and thanked her for everything she did for me if it wasn’t for her and Jason I wouldn’t be here know and that I have taken advantage of her for so many years. For once we actually got along and that was the best feeling ever, even though both of my parents died in the accident I think it was for the better because I still have them in my heart and I have a wonderful sister as well. So I guess I lied I did turn out to be some what of a happily ever after.

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