Missy Velmont

October 25, 2010
By Crysalis GOLD, Claymont, Delaware
Crysalis GOLD, Claymont, Delaware
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"Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing is so gentle as real strength." -Francis Desales

Chapter 1
The first week of ninth grade, wow it’s hard to believe that I Missy Velmont am here in this dirty nasty rat filled public school. Wondering around these school hallways with no clue where to go, it sucks. God why did my parents make me come here. I want to go back to my old school with my old friends, never mind what happened there it’s over and done with.
Plus I swear these people must have just crawled out from the sewers. They’re all so rugged and here I am in my designer everything trying to interact with these weirdoes.
All the teachers are new and they definitely won’t teach me as well as my other ones, but it will have to do. I wonder how mom and dad would feel about sending me to a place where I get no education.
“Hi.” Someone says to me, interrupting my thoughts.
“Eww,” I say to the girl with humongous boobs. “You seriously need to get those fixed.” I immediately look down to show her what I’m referring to. I see tears form in her eyes, but I don’t care, I just want her to go away.
“God, your mean. Why don’t you go back to where you came from freak.” She stomped away then mumbling more angry words.
“Whatever,” I called after. “At least I look hot.”
As I walked down the hall to my next class I started to notice stares and whispering. I glared at everyone I passed wanting to know why they were looking at me. Finally I got to my first class of the day and found a desk in the back of the class. I pulled out a little packet of disinfectant wipes and wiped down the whole desk. I didn’t want to get some kind of disease; I mean who knows all of the germs these sewer people may have.
I sat down and watched the last few people file in and guess what. The last person in was boob girl and there was only one seat left right next to me.
“Great.” I muttered to myself as she sat down with a disgusted look on her face. The teacher walked up to the front of the room then and began to talk. I swear I could smell his breath from all of the way back here.
“Hello class my name is Mr. Ghirlandaio, but you can just call me Mr. G. This is art class and you will be drawing, sculpting, the list goes on and on. Today you will be getting to know your classmates by drawing them. Big surprise. Not really. I’ll handout paper and you can get to work,” Everyone began to move around trying to get to their friends, but then Mr. G added something. “Oh and no moving, you’re working with whoever your sitting with.
“Are you serious?” I yelled at the teacher. “I am not working with her.”
“Well your going to like the rest of the class is doing. Now get to work.”
I snatched the piece of paper from the person handing it out and got to drawing, I knew exactly what I was going to draw. Meanwhile big boob girl got to work to. Both of us glanced at each other trying to make the pictures look as much like the each other as possible.
Finally at the end of the period everyone was instructed to show their partner their picture. I knew I had the smuggest smile on my face as I flipped my drawing over to face her, showing her the picture. She had a smile on her face that quickly disappeared.
The picture showed her with huge boobs, of course, that covered her whole face. She got up quickly and left the room, the teacher went after her. While that was going on I decided to take a look at her’s to see if she was able to capture my amazing beauty. My eyes widened as I looked at the picture. It was good, I have to admit that, but what surprised me most was what the picture said. “Lets be friends I’ll completely forget about what happened earlier.” Ha, that’s funny like I would really want to be friends with her.
The bell rang and I left the art room and slowly found my way to my next class. It was gym; great, just great. The gym teacher led us to the locker room where we were assigned our lockers and handed T-shirts. I said nothing, which let me tell you was hard to do. I made it through Gym and the rest of my classes and I swear I almost died. I practically sprinted out of that school, away from the sewer people and into my parents’ car. The driver drove me home talking to me the whole way. Asking me how school went and if I made any new friends. I didn’t answer him, just stared out of the window.
When I got home I immediately went up to my room and stayed there until I was called down for dinner. I made my way to the table and sat down. Dad said grace and we began to eat. My parents asked me multiple questions about school; I ignored them until dad started to get angry.
“Answer me and your mother now young lady.” He said.
“What do you want me to say, you already know how I feel about going to that school.”
“You have no other choice Missy you were expelled from St. Mary’s.” Said my mother in a soothing voice that only mad me angrier.
“Well why did you have to send me to a public school, there are tons of other private schools around.”
“Why? “Dad said. “Because you need a reality check.”
“A reality check. Both of you are so stupid. I hate you.” I yelled pushing away from the table knocking my chair over. I stormed up to my room and locked myself in there for the rest of the night.

Chapter 2
Here I was again sitting in my math class with more sewer people, on my second day of ninth grade. I had made it through all my classes and now I just had gym left. When the bell rang I made my way there. I went to the locker room and set my bag down and began to enter my combination. I saw big boob girl out of the corner of my eye watching me intently. Ignoring her I opened my locker and out spilled filthy, dirty, stinky clothes. All I could do was stand there as I heard laughter all around me. Immediately I turned around to face her. This time she was the one with the smug smile on her face.
“I hope you like the smell of jock straps.” She said and started to walk away. I looked down and then back up and suddenly I was running at her. I pulled her back by her hair almost making her fall. She twisted around and tried to pull away from me, but I held on. Eventually we both fell down tearing at each other’s hair. Finally the gym teacher intervened and pulled us apart. We both were taken to the principal’s office where we sat right outside waiting.
Out of nowhere big boob girl just started laughing. I watched her as I pulled a jock strap out of my bra.
“What are you laughing at?” I asked throwing the jock strap at her head. She didn’t care.
“Us,” She said. “We look so funny.”
“I see nothing funny about what just happened.”
“Hey you had it coming, you’re the one that has been so stuck up and mean and it’s only the first two days of school. I didn’t do anything to you.”
“Maybe I just don’t like it here.”
“Oh so that just means you can go around making fun of me. Sure I completely understand that.” This was seriously going to hurt my pride big time, but for some reason I liked this sewer person.
“Okay, I’m, sorry,” I said through gritted teeth. Big boob girl raised her eyebrows; she looked a little surprise. “I shouldn’t have made fun of you.” She smiled and held out her hand and I grabbed it surprising myself.
“I forgive you. My name is Rhea, what’s yours.”
“Missy.” Rhea was just about to say something else when the principal walked out of his office and called me in. I was suspended for one day and so was Rhea. I spent that whole day locked up in my room watching TV. I wasn’t as upset as I was before about the whole school thing, but I still refused to talk to my parents and secretly I couldn’t wait to get back to school.

Chapter 3
Seventh day of school and so far it has been the most bearable. I went through all of my classes talking to Rhea. She was okay; I wouldn’t call her my friend more like an acquaintance. I wasn’t sure if she would ever be my friend because I still consider her a sewer person and I told her that too. She just looked at me funny and went back to her work. We were in gym when she decided to dig deeper, great just my luck.
“So,” She said as we were changing out of our gym clothes. “Why are you in this school anyway? Just thought I should ask.”
“I was expelled.”
“Okay, and, why were you expelled.”
“No reason.” I said.
“Come on there’s a reason you were expelled. What was it?”
“You really want to know?” I asked.
“Okay, well the truth is my name isn’t really Missy it’s Haley.”
“Sure, Haley.” Rhea said.
“I was never expelled, but law enforcement is looking for me right now. I’ve been able to keep up a pretty good disguise.” Rhea was shaking her head not believing a word.
“Okay, so your real name is Haley and the police are after you,” She said laughing. “Why are they after you?”
“Because I killed someone.”
“Seriously Missy tell me the truth.”
“I’m being completely serious. Also I’m not human.” Rhea just looked at me waiting for me to get serious. I was completely serious.
Girls out in the gym ran for the locker room when they heard screams. The gym teacher pushed through and barged into the locker room. She found nothing. No one did and no one ever saw Missy Velmont or Rhea Smith again.

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