Just Another Day

October 27, 2010
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I awake on a dull, dreary morning to the sound of rain coming from my windowsill, like beads hitting marble flooring. The droplets form on the wet, ripe grass out my window. Glancing outside, I feel as if I could almost grasp the dreadful picture my eyes have shaped in my mind; wanting to rip the scene to a million pieces. I feel, today will just be another day.
My life is like a picture of two teenagers who once had dated, ripped straight down the middle. The feeling that no matter how much glue you can add to try to fix the portrait ends up only in causing more damage than what there was to begin with. Back, and forth I go in the car weekly. As I effortlessly trail a never ending path of loneliness from house to house. Time seems useless, traveling to the same places in a never ending circle. As I cover so much distance I realize that I haven’t gone anywhere. Every inch of excitement has left me completely; I walk in through the front door, make my trek up the steps and enter safety. I realize all I really need in life is a bed, and a computer.
A life of a human is like a rain drop, except prolonged. Birth is when it is formed in the sky, and then the majority of the drop’s life is spent falling; never getting any closer to the sky. It spends it life trying to get as far away as possible, staying away from people because we have a belief that no one measures up to ourselves. As we race faster and faster to the grave at the bottom. Some fall quicker than others, but we all end up hitting rock bottom.
Beautiful flowers form alongside of the grass in the spring time, but only to fade away and wither by winter time. The sun rises in the morning, but only to fade away at night. The birds awake at dawn, and are hushed at dusk. A small child goes wandering, and ends up never coming back. These patterns, all the same as to when I wake up each morning to the sound of beads hitting marble flooring.

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kfeldpausch01 said...
Nov. 1, 2010 at 2:55 pm
Thanks for sharing this. I can relate a lot- I struggle with depression too. This piece is really amazing.
allyfitz replied...
Nov. 1, 2010 at 3:05 pm
Thank you so much! I'm glad that you can relate to me, because honestly not many people can! (:
kfeldpausch01 replied...
Nov. 1, 2010 at 3:08 pm
Yeah, I know that feeling. It's hard puttling on a charade everyday- but anyway- you're an amazing writer! Keep writing!
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