Dont Go

October 27, 2010
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My name is Rachel Daniels. I live, well lived in Dallas, Texas from the time I was conceived up until now… I’m fourteen years old … My dad got a new job in a little town up in Washington State … I now have to leave behind everything I have ever known, my friends, my neighbors, the 6 year old twins down the street that I’ve baby sat since they moved into town two years ago. I say I’ll visit even though I probably won’t , I mean I want to but being realistic, I probably won’t get the chance. I miss the times when I could fantasize about living in this town for my entire life with my same group of friends that I’ve grown up with. My neighbor Cayden is probably the one most hurt by the move, well besides me of course. He’s my best friend. I remember the look on his face when I broke the news, devastation, hurt, confusion, and anger all mixed into one. We both died a little bit that day.

I leave tomorrow night, I’ve said my goodbyes to everyone except Cayden, I saved him for last because I knew it would hurt the most. As I walk out the door on my way to his house everything truly sinks in. I’m really leaving, not just for vacation or anything, but for good I probably wasn’t coming back, ever. I look up and realize I’ve already arrived at his house. I knock on the door gently, Cayden appears almost immediately. He’s been waiting. It isn’t until he wraps me up in his arms that I realize I’m crying, but I’m not alone. I can feel his chest moving rapidly, confirming my suspicion of tears. I look up at him and am barely able to mumble “I’m gonna miss you” I was going to say more but I lost my speech when I looked into his eyes. I’d never seen him like this not even when I told him I was moving. He looked like he was on the verge of insanity. “Cayden?”I whisper “Are you-” he cuts me off with something I’d never expect, within seconds we were pressed against each other, kissing so passionately that I could think of nothing else, not the fact that we are closer to each other than ever before, although we’ve know each other since we were in diapers. Before this point there hasn’t been anything romantic between us, ever. I’ve dated other guys and of course he’s dated other girls, but we were always the main person in each other’s lives. Well now that I’m thinking about it I realize that, although the other guys were sweet, cute, and funny, it never worked out because there’s no way any of those things could ever compete with this, true deep friendship that over time has developed into what I can only describe as well love. We finally break apart and were silent until he steps closer to me and whispers in my ear “please don’t leave.” I surprise myself by murmuring “I won’t.” and then I know I won’t leave no matter what happens I can’t let my parents drag me away from him. No matter how hard it is I’m not going anywhere.

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