Whip, Bam, BOOM

October 25, 2010
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“Dad, there’s a deer over there…”
“Would you be quiet bimbo, you’re gunna scare it away!”
“Just wanted to tell you there was a deer, since you’re not paying attention.”
“What do you mean I’m not paying attention…?”
“Dad, you’re playing solitaire on your phone…”
Jim Hersha, my step dad is one of those people that these only one way to do things, and that’s his way. He is a slim 350lb army retiree and he is built lean and mean. He teaches us that life is hard and that he wants to prepare us for what’s ahead. My dad is the one parent that you, meaning me, have to be absolutely quiet, no talking no nothing, so that you are watching for deer and he can play games on his phone. He always wants me to get the biggest doe so that my mom can get a big buck.

I get on the CB radio, “Mom, seein’ anything?”

“I saw two does and three fawns. How ‘bout you guts?”

“Haven’t seen nothin’ here.”
Nancy Hersha, my mom is the most caring person that I have ever known. She is always thinking positive and don’t like people arguing. She is the first person to get exited with anything. She loves to hunt and loves to see all the deer that walks buy that are either to small or just not quite big enough. She has really short blonde hair that she flares and it looks like she got hit by lightning, nut she think that it looks good and it makes her happy.
As we sit in the blind, it is freezing, my nose is running and there is no way that I am going to move to wipe it off because I know that I will get yelled at for moving and making noise. My dad was staring at his phone like always and all of a sudden we hear this big “BOOM!!” My dad jumps, as his phone drops to the floor of the blind.
“SHHH!! You’re gunna scare the deer away dad!” as I snicker.

“Shut up, call your mom and she if she shot.”


“Honey, Keirst, I got one, it huge, it’s an eight point and I got it, oh yeah, oh yeah!” her voice was so full of excitement the she could barely talk.

“Good job, mom…”

“Give me the radio!”

“Good job, stay there and we will be there in a few minutes.”

“See you in a sec. call grandma and have her bring Mariah down so she can help track it.”

“Okay, well I think that the whole crew is up at the house already waiting for us.”

“They just want to see the amazing buck I got.”
Mariah, my little sister is an annoying pest and she always gets her way. She has our grandpa to do everything and anything for her. She has red hair so you know she has the temper and blue eyes so you know that she can give you those puppy dog eyes and make you feel bad for something that you didn’t do.
“MOM… MOM… ARE YOU THERE?” Mariah whispers in the radio.
“Yes Mariah, I got myself a big eight point buck.”
My whole family was up at the house when we went to go get the fore wheeler. There was my Grandpa, Grandma, Mariah, and my two uncle’s, Frank and Hugh Jr..
My Grandpa Hersha he is a 72 year old joker and he loves his family but most of all his granddaughter Mariah my little sister. My Grandma Hersha is a sweet, loving 68 year old that tries to make everyone happy, snow white hair that glistens when the sun hits it. My Uncle Frank he is a cocky know-it-all and yet he don’t know anything, he has a goofy looking smile and tiny little eyes. My Uncle Hugh (Jr.) is a bigger joker than his father; he has to one up everything that he does. He loves to scare people. He looks like an Oreo, black on top, white in the middle and then black again.
“Let’s go, lets go, lets go!!”
“Calm down Keirsten!” exclaimed Uncle Frank, “If your mom hit the damn deer then it’s not going anywhere.”
“Shut up and let’s go get that deer.”
So we went out and was searching for blood, my dad found the first dash of blood. We put my mom on the trail and made her start to track it, but after awhile her eyes got blurry and couldn’t tell what was blood or just the leaves. So we all joined in and were tracking it. . It went really far, but we know it was hurt because it kept biffing it and running into trees. So as we were tracking it my uncle Hugh disappears for awhile, we figured he had to pee or something, so we didn’t think too much about it. Then we heard laughing in the distance and we knew it was him. We found him and he was still laughing. We were trying to figure out what was up but it was weird. He pointed behind him and all we saw was a deer’s butt. My mom ran over to it, her jaw dropped.
“This is not my deer, no way!”
Now this deer was no ordinary deer it was a deer that my mom had shot and thought was an eight point. This buck had a huge body, it neck was all puffed out, but then you get to the head and well that was the funny part, my uncle started laughing again and now we knew why. We found it was a three point buck……
We got to the truck and drove down a trail so we could pick up the “big” buck, so we got to the deer and put it on the tail gate so we could gut it. The smell as you open up a fresh deer is horrid, so disgusting that you have to step away so you can breath.

My dad took my moms deer head and got a European mount out off it. The mount has become a hat rack for my dad and till this day we still make fun of my mom when hunting season comes around.

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