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October 15, 2010
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On a nice day in, Rhode Island, this guy named Michael was on his way home from work. He stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts to get some donuts for his family. Michael was on his way home and a police officer stops him. The officer says, “Give me your donuts and all your money.” “No,” replies Michael, “you’re not allowed to take a citizen’s food dude.” The officer pulls out a rocket launcher and backs up. He screams, “Give me the donuts now!” “Ok fine,” Michael replies in fear. The officer takes his donuts and the 300 dollar that was in his wallet, pulls out a knife and slashes the back, left tire of Michael’s car. Driving home in shock, Michael sees this kangaroo fighting these gangsters by the lake under the highway. He stops the car to help the kangaroo, but it gets scared and kicks Michael into the lake causing him to drown. Being rushed to the hospital, Michael has no pulse. Everyone is scared, but finally he wakes up two days later to see his family crying and drinking alcohol, getting ready to take their lives. So Michael leaves the hospital the next day just to see the kangaroo. “Yo sorry dude,” the kangaroo say, “me and my home boys were playing around,” “It’s alright” replies Michael. All of a sudden, the same police officer that arrested Michael pulls up on the kangaroo with a shotgun asking him for his shoes. “Whoa!” screams Michael as he wakes up, “that was weird.” “Go back to bed,” replies his wife, “It’s all just a bad dream.”

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