My Fault

October 15, 2010
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I slowly peeked down the stairs and screamed, I saw his limp body hanging from the ceiling, I hollered for my mom and dad as I tried to save Jake from ending his tramatic life.
You could hear the thudding from my parents feet slamming on every step as the race down the stairs, my dad quickly and swiftly untangles my brother from the rope and he just tumbles
down onto the floor, everyone in the room is silent as you here a deep but quiet moan. My mom goes to Jake's side picks up his hand and strokes it gently while whispering to him about how
he's going to be okay, Jake's only response is by moaning and groaning. The ambulance that my dad had called only a few minutes ago is whizzing down my street sirens blazing. They pull into the drive way and quickly come into the house
and before i knew it Jake's being taken to Judith's Children's Hospital. Mom and Dad are being takin to the hospital in the same ambulance, as they were getting into the ambulance you could hear more sirens blazing down the street
and a giant crowd of people were gathered in front of the house trying to figure out what was happening. A police officer with a dark mustache got out of the police car and looked directly at me. He nodded for me to come to him,
I slowly and stalkishly moved toward the police officer. When I finally reached him I saw his eyes, they were like black coal, they had no expression at all, his eyes looked as lifeless at the dark clouds forming above us.
The officer reached out his hand introduced himself as Deputee Jones, but his voice was gentle like he had gone through this entire experience before and had practice what to say multipule times. But I just looked him in the eye
and grabbed his hand while i introduced myself " Hi Deputee Jones I'm Daisey Hover." I talked in a shy and innocent voice. He knew I was scared he could see it in my eyes. He told me he was going to take me to the station for further
questioning. But I was fine with going I wanted to get as far away from this dramatic mess that was probably all my fault. I should have kept a better eye on him, I knew he wasn't feeling very good and looked glum lately. It's all my fault I thought to
myself. Deputee Jones opened the car door for me I crawled into the small little car, but I liked it, it was warm and cozy unlike todays unforgettable freezing weathe. Deputee Jones tried to make small talk and ask about school but he
wasn't very sucssessful. When we got to the station we walked through the front doors and we could hear people talking, computer keys smashing down, and printers all at work. It took several tries for Deputee Jones to get my attention,
but then right when he got my attention he said those unforgettable words, he didn't make it. I fell on the floor in a giant heap and cried, I hadn't cried in a long time but I cried then I balled. Everything was zoned out and my vision was
blurry. When I woke up I was in my bed. It was dark but I heard my parents talking. That afternoon was the funeral that would leave a mark on my heart for the rest of my life.

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