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October 11, 2010
By Miyu_Black_Rose BRONZE, Dunlap- Councial Grove, Kansas
Miyu_Black_Rose BRONZE, Dunlap- Councial Grove, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
"a friend is a person how knows the song in you heart and can sing it back to you when you have lost the words."
"no guy is worth you tears, and when you find one that is, he wont make you cry"
"i love the nights... even though it reminds me of you.

Me and my two sisters, Lily, and Rose, live in, out-skirts of town, Tokyo Japan. We start school today, now that I think about it; we’re going to be late! And yet again our parents didn’t surprise us by showing up at home to see us me (Anny), my big sister (Lily), and my little sister (Rose) off to our first day of school. I Sigh. “I guess they really don’t care about us! It’s time that we head off to school. There are more important people to see than our own parents!” I shouted, screamed, or yelled, whatever I did… I don’t know. I was trying to hold back the tears of frustration and sadness all at the same time.

Well our NEGLACTING parents don’t live with us. You think that they would at list come for a visit but no. I think that it started since I can remember last? My parents would never home but once or twice a year and now it’s not even that. Most of the time it is letters (that are usually a month old or more) or an email we don’t know what our `mom looks like, she never sends us a pitcher of herself. Common what s up with that? Well my dad is a little better than are mom at least he ask us to come to see him in France, during the summer, but he usually gets pulled away to do something for work. Like this year we all just sat down for lunch the boor dell begins to ring. When our dad opened it the guy says that our dad is needed back at the office and without a question even. All we get is a sorry kids I must be really important. So during those three weeks, my sisters and i unpacked our swimsuits. Graded some money from out dads family spending money jar, and headed off to the pool. There Lily spotted a hot guy. Well I didn’t think he was hot and I don’t see what she sees in a spoiled rich brat that drives a black mustang around, I mean I want the mustang but common that spoiled rich brat had his hands all over it. The end of the three week brake with a father came and gone and the only day we got to spend with him was the few hours before we left for Tokyo.
We all started to agreed that in most ways are friends are family. Well maybe we will include are dad. But still the betrayed us! Even thou they make all that money thousands upon thousands a month! AND we don’t get one cent of it for all the chores and good grades we get!!! That really is a CRAPPY way to raise a 16, 14, and 7 year old kids! … Man I really need to get of this … subject!
(Three mounts before spring break, that following year)
It was the weeks of our birthdays and they didn't even come home let alone call us to wish us happy birthdays… Well I should say at first they didn’t come but then they did come home! (Are birthdays are all in the same mounts five days apart). Lily’s was first on March 15th. Then there was mine, on March 20th, then there was Rose, hers is on the 25th of March. That day Rose stayed away from mom, and dad. Lily didn’t even speak to dad, juts said hi to mom because she was keeping in touch with Lily a lot more than the rest of us! Me… I went straight up to my room and slammed my door shut! Yelling, “I hate you, I hate you! Don’t you dare think that you can talk to me like you know mw you haven’t been around for the last 8 years?” I would yell at them any time the come to talk to me and sometimes I would through something at them if the entered my room.
“Anny? Anny dear can I come in to talk to you? My mom said after like an hour so that I would calm down.
“But why. Why do I deserve this kind of treatment?”
“Because you are the one that hasten been here for the past eight and a half years!”
“I know dear but we are going to change that today. Me and you father feel like we haven’t been her enough for you three.”
“Yah like this is really going t change!”
Then she just gave up and went back down stare. Out parents stayed there about a week or two and the left just like I said they would. I started geeting really tiered of always getting there answering machine or their desk assistant. Then I got in such a rage that I cut my wrists. Lily was the one how foun me and got me to the hospital. She called mom and got her desk assistant and told her that she didn’t care if mom was in a meeting it was an emergency and when mom answered the phone. She was using the speaker-phone in the middle of the table lily was crying. Mom asked what happened and lily told her that I had cut my wrist and mom gout up and out the door before the owner could stop her and came right home, it was the same with dad.
I finally woke up and both mom and dad where standing there by me telling lily and rose that they had talked to their bosses into letting them work at home, and the bosses said yes. I smiled and said that’s grat in a low voice
No life is going good we get to spend a lot more time with them.
“I never thought that getting hurt would be the answer to our entire family problem… well all out problems at least for now!” – A quote from Anny

The author's comments:
it is about three sisters that want their parients to be apart of their life. the find out thet all it would take was for one of them to git hurt.

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