letters to anonymous: chapter 2. revenge . . . .such a hateful word

October 1, 2010
By jesus_lover98 SILVER, Millington, Tennessee
jesus_lover98 SILVER, Millington, Tennessee
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i stared at that musky crinkled piece of paper for a long time.
if i'd known how to reply i would've.
a tidal wave of emotions crashed over me, excitement, curiosity, fear, horror, and they eventually pushed me down into the cold darkness of unconsiuosness.


when i woke, my eyes were blurred, i felt like i'd just had the wierdest dream.
there was a letter, something about kissing, it smelled strangely of my grandpa, an old smoker who barely ever did anything, and the letter was kind of small, something about an anonymous. . . .
my eyes scrolled the room, and there it was.
lying on the floor, just sitting there, perfectly inocent.
some girls mightve been thrilled to have their own personal stalker, but that wasnt me.
at all.
if i wanted to be involved with wierd people, i'd take a trip to a phsyichiatric facility, but thats deffinately not in my plans for now, so no thank you.
but this person had taken the reigns on my curiosity and steered it right towards themselves.

The author's comments:
this is chapter # two. duh

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