A Secret

September 28, 2010
By Anonymous

It's a secret I couldn't tell anyone. Because if I did tell anyone, who was to say that THEY wouldn't tell anyone? If I told anyone, it wouldn't be a secret anymore. No, no more.
Everyone has secrets. Yes, I knew that everyone has secrets. But no one has a secret like me... Or at least I thought they didn't. I wished I could tell people. I didn't like my secret. I didn't like what it did to me. I wished I could just fit in with everyone else. But that would have meant telling them my secret...
I look back now, and I ponder on my life. My life was not whole. It couldn't have been, for I kept so much of it to myself. I shouldn't have been scared. I shouldn't have thought of what everyone would think of me. It is too easy for people to get caught up in what others think of them, and to then forget about what they really think of themselves. I should have just told someone. Anyone.
At least I learned my lesson. Even though I learned a little too late.
Happiness, or even sadness, is not real unless it is shared.

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