Evil Never Wins

September 29, 2010
By AniBursaly BRONZE, Sun, California
AniBursaly BRONZE, Sun, California
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"Let me tell you how to measure a man, when his world starts to fall see how tall he stands, it matters not how many times you fall down, what matters most is how many times you rise." Clifford Harris aka T.I.

I hide in my room, and close my door. Quckily before evil steps in through the front door. I sit on the floor resting my head in my knees. I'm scared, what if evil steps in. I hate it when evil hits, evil hits so hard. Mommy cheated on daddy with evil, I hope evil doesn't stay, wish I can hide in my room, forever or run away. Evil, evil, get out. I can't have you hear no more. I'm stronger within, and I can hurt you to, your not the only one with arms, and legs, I can punch and kick too. So I defeaed evil,y playing his own game. hurting him physically, and mentally, just like he did to me. Your done with your game, evil. I win.

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