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September 28, 2010
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Randy is 17 years old. He is 5’11 blue eyes, tan, and is strong. He has a tattoo on his bicep symbolizing “strength” he’s originally from New York but moved to California. He didn’t have any friends because they were all afraid of his dad and would never want to hang out with him. His mom died when she gave birth to him so he never knew her. His dad was an alcoholic and would abuse Randy frequently and he would do anything to have his dad to stop drinking, his dad was in his mid 50’s, had white hair, some facial hair and had a big scar on his arm when he got into a fight.
One windy day, Randy decided to go to the beach, when he got there the first thing he smelt was the salty air. He sat down and felt the sand between his toes. He looked straight ahead and heard and saw the waves crashes onto the shore. It was a windy day and the sand was getting into his mouth, but he didn’t mind at all. He looked around and saw Rosemary, the girl he liked since he moved to California. Rosemary had long thick black hair, even though it’s always sunny there she still had such pale skin, she had light brown eyes, and had a beauty mark shaped like a star. “Rosemary!” he yelled. Rosemary slowly turned, smiled when she saw him and jogged over to Randy. “What are you doing Randy, I don’t see you around here a lot” she said. “ I just wanted a change of scenery” he replied. “ Do you want to go for a walk because I don’t feel like being alone" So they did. They walked and talked all night long. When they said there good-byes Randy went home.
When he got there, his dad was passed out on the couch with empty beer cans on the floor. He quietly snuck up to his room so he wouldn’t wake his dad. He forgot that his door slammed if you didn’t shut it yourself, it slammed so loud that it woke his dad up. Randy's heart was beating to the point where you can hear it, he started sweating. His dad came busting threw yelling and swearing. “ Who the hell do you think you are coming into my house slamming things around?!” At that moment his dad smacked Randy right to the ground, Randy never hit his dad because he was the only family member he had. The next day at school Randy met up with Rosemary, he wanted to go out with her so he got straight to the point. “Rosemary, do you want to go out with me?” There was a long awkward silence then she smiled and said “ its about time you ask me that.” After that Randy convinced Rosemary to skip school.

3 months later
Randy got home from school and brought Rosemary home for the first time. He didn’t expect his dad to be home, but he was. Of course he had been drinking, “Who do you got with you Randy?” his dad said. “This is Rosemary the girl I told you about.” Randy’s dad was being nice for the first time in his life and put his hand out so rosemary could shake it. Something just snapped in Randy, he asked himself why can’t his Dad be like that all the time? So randy grabbed his dad, pushed him to the floor, and started kicking him. Rosemary yelled for randy to stop. When Randy did, he slowly turned around and said, “don’t ever tell me what to do again.” Rosemary was to shocked to say anything at first but she managed to get the words out. “what?!” When she said that randy slapped rosemary so hard her cheek started to bleed, Rosemary ran out of his house crying, holding her cheek. The next day Randy acted as if nothing had happened, Rosemary wanted to ask Randy about everything that had happened but was too scared. For the next few days Randy's anger was out of control and would take it out on Rosemary. She had bruises, cuts, scrapes, and even a black eye. Rosemary loved Randy way too much to leave him, she knew if she broke up with him she’d want him back even though he was beating her.
One day Randy took Rosemary out to dinner, and told her to wear sunglasses so no one would notice her eye. There was a Police Officer on duty. He was a strong looking guy, late 30’s he had very light blonde hair and was clean cut. When Randy and Rosemary walked in the Police Officer was immediately suspicious. He’s seen these kinds of cases before where there was an abusive relationship. When randy got up to use the bathroom the Police Officer sat down next to Rosemary, “I want you to answer one question for me, ok? And tell me the truth.” Rosemary shook her head yes. “Has he ever hit you?” There was a long silence. “yes.” The Police Officer got up and walked into the bathroom. When he came back he had randy hand cuffed, Randy looked directly at Rosemary and thought to himself “what have I done?” They had enough proof and evidence to send him to jail for 4 years.
Randy hated it in jail and would only read and work out, they gave Randy pills and went to anger management meetings.
He had no friends in jail, He was feeling depressed and wanted to change his habits. Rosemary moved far away so Randy wouldn’t find her.

4 years later.

Randy got out of jail as a new man and he felt wonderful. He still went to those meeting’s and never forgot to take his pills. He went back to his dad’s house to try and help him with his problem’s. His dad is now in treatment and would be getting out in a year, Randy decided to go to college and become a Lawyer because after he had all those court hearings he kind of liked how Lawyer’s did things. He’s one of the biggest known Lawyers in town. He found Rosemary and apologized to her and wished her a good life. He moved back to New York and created his business in justice. A few weeks later Randy met Autumn. She had short light brown hair and had hazel eyes. He told her all about what happed, he was afraid she would leave, but she did no such thing. They got married after a year. They traveled all over the place and met a lot of people. They went to Africa and adopted a baby, because that was autumn’s dream. He promised himself and his wife that he’s never hit her or his kids. He also promised himself that he wouldn’t touch a drop of alcohol.

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the dog whisperer said...
Oct. 14, 2010 at 1:19 pm
Little One, excellent!Keep up the creative flow! Will look forward to reading more! Big One.
Tansy said...
Oct. 13, 2010 at 7:34 pm
Very descriptive and realistic, glad Randy turned his life around!!
Coop123 said...
Oct. 1, 2010 at 6:28 pm

Nice... creative and cool. u hav nice work


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