Love (screen play )

September 21, 2010
By redwood BRONZE, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
redwood BRONZE, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
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One day there was a young beautiful girl sitting in class thinking about a guy that wears sunglasses out over by the gas station standing next to his motocycle.
The young beautiful girl name is kira and the young handsome man name is jason.
we'll that same day kira got of class and she decided to walk home for a change. While she was walking home she saw her "true love" at the gas station standing next his motocycle.

kira (thinking): "should i walk up to him or not"
No, i am not going to walk up to him.
Kira decides to walk up to him and she says.
Kira: Hi, how are you doing today.
Jason looks up and smiles at her.
Jason: " i'm doing good."
jason looks back down and still is standing next to his red motocycle. So kira decides to starts flirting with jason for the whole hour they talk and jason started to flirt back at her.
Kira: so what type of (She laughs) motocycle is that??
Jason just smiled and laughed.
Jason: (He laughs) you like motocycles kira?
Kira: yes, i do i like to ride motocross once in a while.
Jason: oh, really you a tom boy? thats cool i like girls like that.
Kira: So what type of motocycle are you driving??
Jason: I am driving a honda goldwing. you like it?
kira: i love it, maybe we should hangout some time.
Jason: yeah, i will think about it, sorry kira gotta go bye. see you around.
Kira: ok, bye jason.
jason: bye.
So jason takes off and goes home. kira continues her walk home. So a week went by since she saw jason last at the gas station. Than, another week flew by and kira saw him again at the gas station. So she walks up to him and it was quite.
Kira: Hey jason, how would you like to go out with me???
Jason looks up and smiles.
Jason: Kira, i would love to go out with you.
Kira smiles at him and jason gives her a shy smile. So kira gives jason a huge hug. Jason just sat there and smiled after kira gave him a hug.
Jason: would you like a ride home on my motocycle with me.
Kira: I would love to.
Jason smiled started up the bike. Kira jumped on and her and jason took off. They stop at kira house. jason turned the bike off and they both just stared at each other.
Jason: did you have a nice ride with me?
kira: um..yes i did jason thank you for the ride.
Jason: your welcome can i come and see you tonight?
Kira: yes, you can come see me tonight i am not busy. what time ?
jason: oh around 7 pm here i will pick you up.
kira:ok see you at 7 pm.
jason: bye
Kira: bye
(the story stops here til tomorrow)

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