I Can Feel It

September 3, 2010
"Today we will be talking about variables in equations class."

I can feel it, the buzzing in my pocket and then the racing of my heart. Did anyone actually hear that and more importantly, did the teacher hear it?

"Let's take an example from the book so you all may actaully see the steps in the work."

Good, no one is looking my way and the lesson is still going on. And there it is, another buzz against my outter thigh. This time is isn't as loud and obvious. Should I slip the small device out of my pocket and read the reply about the latest party? Afterall, it's expected to RSVP about those things ASAP and he will be there I'm sure of it. There will be alcohol there, I'm sure of that as well, but I'll lie to my parents and say that it's just a couple of girlfriends and I hanging out at her place. They'll believe me, they always have before. I'm their angel, the great student or so they think.

Another buzz brings me back to reality.

"First, you must get your X variable alone."

This new text; is it from him, my crush of three months? We only recently traded numbers and if I don't respond, will he think that I don't want to talk to him? Will he just think that I'm not interested afterall? If he decides that I'm not worth the effort, will he just move on to her?

"Now that you know what X equals in terms of Y you can plug it in to find out what Y is actually equal to."

Perhaps it's actually my best friend texting me about her. We all see how she shamelessly flirts with the boys. What if she's flirting with my crush? That w****. I'll make sure that she stays away from him.

"Now that you have found out the numerical value of Y, you can solve for the numerical value of X."

I could answer back without the teacher even noticing. It's that simple, text back and have peace of mind. It would all be so easy and then my social life would be all great. I would be going to one of the coolest parties this year, he would be mind for sure, and she wouldn't show her flirty ways to him ever again.

"And there is your answer. X is equal to five and Y is equal to three. Let's go ahead and go another to make sure that we have it down."

I reach into my pocket and my thumb presses against the power button. That part of my life can wait for at least twenty minutes I'm sure. They'll all understand.

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thepreechyteenager said...
Sept. 11, 2010 at 8:10 am

First of all, good title, really fitting.

Now, to the story.  I don't personally text, but I understand how addicting it must get for some people.  Good job forstopping yourself this time :)

Second, nice story line!  Super realisic and believable, but still interesting.

And as a random thought, I think that is you answer your phone for that dude you like, it would be pretty clingy like.  I mean, would you skip class for this guy?  I feel like it s... (more »)

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