Lovely Death

August 26, 2010
My tears flood my shirt and I hug my winter coat to my body tightly as I try to walk casually down the road. I stumble across the snow and cry more as the memories of him slam against my head and my body is wracked with violent shivers. But I keep walking. Cars honk from behind me and I side-step out of their way. I keep my head down and the warm tears dry fast against my eyelashes as the winter breeze freezes them and nips at my red cheeks and my numb fingers. I clench my shattering teeth together and squeeze my eyes shut. I think of before. How lively and sweet my best friend Adam was. How funny and caring he was. Than he was murdered. I swayed back and forth and I felt headlights on my eye lids. And they were bright. My eyes flutter open to see a huge semi roaring towards me. It honks it horn and it blares against my freezing ear drums. My body stiffens and my heart hammers in my rib cage sending my body shaking horribly. I open my jaw to scream and I choke out a semi-scream and close my eyes awaiting the impact, but the impact didn't come. A strong arm wraps around my waist and tears me from my spot on the street and slams me down, hard on the sidewalk. I open my eyes as the semi passes by and I sit up straight looking around for the person who saved me. No one was around. I stood up and something heated me. Like someone flicked on a light switch in my body, I felt no pain, I was warm and I didn't feel like crying anymore. I looked around trying to seek my hero but nothing. I sighed and looked down. "Don't get yourself killed, now." A very familiar voice said. I look up with a hopeful smile that maybe they made a mistake, maybe adam is alive, maybe adam saved me. But once again, I see no one. "Adam?!" I whisper shocked. "I'm dead, Luna. No dip you can't see me. But I did save you. You're welcome." Adam's voice rings in my head. "th-th-thank." I manage to say. "Relax, Luna. I haven't come back to haunt you for never returning my iPod. I came to save your life and tell you I'm alright. And please move on with your life, do not cry over me. I love you, luna-bear..." He laughs. A tear rolls down my cheek. "A-a-adam-bear..." I sob pressing my lips together. "I love you. Don't leave me." I whisper now calm. "I'm not leaving you. I'll always be with you. Don't forget about me." He says faintly as I can feel him leaving. "I would never forget you." I cried. I feel his presence no more and I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I will avenge my best friends death.

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thepreechyteenager said...
Sept. 7, 2010 at 8:25 pm

The last line was great :)

I love how you have the girl totally disreguard what Adam told her.  It's what a lot of us would do in this situation.  It makes this story very relatable and personal for the reader.

I think in this line, though, "Than he was murdered" you ment to say 'then' instead of 'than'.

Anyway, this was really cool.  Great diction and description, you can really feel what luna is going through.  Keep writing, five stars.

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