September 1, 2010
By bwhale1510 BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
bwhale1510 BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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I heard the storm before it came. The familiar whipping of the wind had turned sharp and dangerous. The rolling thunder slowly grew into a thunderous roar. The brushing of tree branches turned into sudden snaps of twigs. As I sat in the dark staring into his familiar piercing blue eyes, I closed my eyes. Just as the storm sounded silent, the rain came. The rain came down in a whisper at first turned into a monster. Water pounded the roof, the trees and my hopes. I thought at first this whole hurricane scare would evaporate into a mess-up on the weather stations part. But when the thunder rolled in and the power was cut off, my hopes quickly into nightmarish scenarios in my mind. I felt his warm grip on my hand as my mind wandered. Just as the nightmarish scenarios disappeared the windows burst open and glass shattered everywhere. He held up his arm to protect me and I shielded my face. When the glass settled he lowered his arm and I turned away in pure guilt. His arms continue dripping blood as the wind came into the house stronger and whipped rain against our faces. I moved to go get him a bandage but his grip tightened not letting me go. I needed to get him something. His arm kept slowly dripping and even though the horror of it all scared me I could not look away. He titled my chin to look into his eyes. When I looked into his eyes I was instantly soothed until a large crack came from the side of the house and the distant roar of water could be heard. He pulled me up from where we were sitting on the couch and dragged me to the attic. I unlocked the latch to the roof door and we climbed out onto the small covered balcony. We could see the water rising and rising down below us. Even though we seemed safe the water kept rising until small pools of water were lapping over my shoes. Before I knew it the water was up to our chins and we looked into each other’s eyes for what seemed like the last time. Right before the water engulfed us he held me close and whispered in my ear, “I love you.”

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on Sep. 4 2010 at 8:26 pm
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ohmigosh.... tht is terrible, in a beautiful way... its so sad, but its just amazing!! WOW

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