Tom's Life Changing Day

August 27, 2010
By MattM BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
MattM BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
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"Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions."

The day started out like every other miserable day in Tom's life. Waking up in bed, alone, with the alarm clock buzzing in his ear. Tom normally spent a good ten minutes starring at the clock before he actually got out of bed. He starred in the mirror disgusted of himself, wearing the same suit he wears everyday, to the same job that makes him even more miserable. Tom walked down the stairs to the kitchen which was surprisingly empty. His daughter, Gina, would have normally been making her lunch for school at this time. Tom walked over to the stove where he found a plate of pancakes and a note that read, "Dad, I had to go into school early today, but i made you pancakes. Love, Gina" Tom took the plate and threw the pancakes in the garbage.
"Her cooking sucks" he thought to himself
Tom walked to the front door where on the floor he found another note on top of a small box. This note read "PS Happy Birthday Dad! I hope we can go camping again!" Tom opened the box to find a Swiss Army Knife with his initials on it. He quickly thought back to the times before he was divorced, when Gina, his ex-wife, and himself would go camping, and how much easier life seemed. Tom than put the knife in his briefcase and walked to the train station.
While on the train, he sat in silence thinking about how old he was getting.
"45 already?" he thought "I could have never pictured a life so miserable when I was growing up"
The train came to a steady stop as Tom walked off and through the station into the city of giant skyscrapers. He continued to walk with the crowd like zombies as he did everyday when suddenly a car, trying to avoid an unseen biker on the street, spun out of control and rolled over several times. The crowd of people began screaming and running away from the car, as flames started rising from under the hood. Tom glared at flaming car and noticed a woman with her son in the front seat. The woman crawled out and ran to the other side to get her son. Tom ran over to help, but his seat belt was stuck. The flames started rising and the whole car was about to burst into flames. Tom quickly remembered the Swiss Army Knife in his briefcase and took it out. He cut through the seat belt and pulled the kid out of the car.
The police and ambulance came shortly after. The news crews all ran to Tom to get the story from the hero, but he ran off. Back to the train and headed straight home. When he got there he jumped in his car and sped off to Gina's school. He pulled her out of class saying she had a dentist appointment.
"I don't have a dentist appointment today" said Gina, while jumping into the car
"You don't" Tom said with a smile on his face. "Let's go camping"

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