Fairy Tales From A Nerd, Chapter 2

August 21, 2010
By , Wake Forest, NC
After a student has just embarrassed her, she lowered her hand and tightened her lips. How out of term of me, she thought as she looked down at her notes-- Riiiiing!
The teacher moved from the bright overhead and to the tellphone. "Hello?" She asked. Pause. She scoffed and rolled her eyes, moving out of the room with the phone against her ear. A few giggling Princes rose from their seat and moved around the room.
The Princess had to move her pencil point swiftly across the notes-outline. She was so sure of the answers to her questions that she was already filling in the blanks.
_____ is the study of the human mind...
The Princess scoffed arrogantly. "Psychology..."
"Umm... dude? Are you filling in the answers?"
She ignored him and flipped the sheet to the back side. Just a few more, she thought. The study of the human muscles? Physiology! Duh!
She thrust the sheet onto his desk to not only quiet him, but to also show off. She felt that she had to be sneaky when it came to strutting her smarts. She couldn't shout her knowledge out to the world, but she could let it pass around slowly and quietly...
"Oh, no. I can't take--"
The teacher came back in and slammed the phone back on the reciever. She took a deep breath.
"Let's finish up this lesson... we have about half an hour of class left, and I want us to be able to work on the workbook pages that I'm assigning to you guys tonight."
Everyone but the Princess groaned and screamed in agony.
"Just answer the questions." The Princess whispered. At least HE'D know that she was smart. He looked like he was one of the cool kids with his golden blonde hair and how his blue eyes were so smoky and mysterious.
"But I--"
"Please?" She asked impatiently. He seemed to be more of a moron than she originally thought, in her eyes.
He looked over the front side. He nodded, and then turned to the back side.
"We don't really have time to go over this..." She nervously looked at the clock. "I have a meeting in about ten minutes, so just copy down the notes intill the sub comes."
The Princess heard a few sucks of teeth and signs. The paper was tossed back to her.
"There's not enough information. There's a lot more to things than just names."
"You'd know that, wouldn't you?" The Princess spat between in her teeth. She clipped the paper into her binder.
"Thanks for trying to help, though. I'm Prince Gabriel. Isn't your name--?"
"Princess Alana."
He held out his hand. Alana examined it. Her eyes moved up to his.
He pulled back his hand. "Nice to meet you, too..." He muttered under his breath. He turned towards the board and wrote onto the paper.
Alana's brows came together. What a strange kid...

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Lydibear said...
Dec. 21, 2010 at 3:35 pm
Yes, i agree it was a bit confusing. I think it was mostly because it is not very clear why the Princess is doing what she does, I had to read it twice before I got what it was saying. But I love the concept and I hope you continue the story, I know I'm very curious as to what kind of school this is, good job!
DiamondsIntheGrass This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 25, 2010 at 3:09 pm
this paper left me completely confused.  why was the paper going around?
ThisBreRulezYouSonnn replied...
Aug. 25, 2010 at 7:18 pm
she's giving him answers to the notes to show off her smartness so he could perhaps tell others of her smartness?
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