Just One Time!

August 1, 2010
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"C'mon Michelle,it won't hurt."
I heard those words and bit my lip. I shook my head wordlessly. Everyone rolled their eyes and it felt like I could hear their thoughts. "What a retard," one of them muttered and my face flamed.I snatched the joint and breathed it in. My friend nodded approvingly and I managed a weak smile. In reality,I felt sick.My head felt light and everything seemed to tilt. I took another breath of the joint and my vision cleared. I tried to remember what I wanted to say but I couldn't. "Oomph," I said as I knocked my head on the wall and laughed offhandedly. Everyone watched and they were acting the same. I said something but all i heard was a rush of waves in my ear. I got up and stumbled to the bathroom. I sat down with my head in my hands. I closed my eyes and felt more dizzy. The room tilted and I felt myself tilting with it.My head felt the cold grimy tiled floor and I closed my eyes and everything disappeared from my life.

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