Love? chapter 1

August 4, 2010
By shanluvforever24 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
shanluvforever24 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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chapter 1
by: shantell Martin

A summer morning Jasmine had woken up from bed and looked at the timer and it was 1:20 in the afternoon.

She crawled out of bed wearing her night gown and her hair was fuzy all over the place. And slowly walked into the bathroom and taken a shower and brushed her teeth.

As she had wrap her body in a towel her cell phone ring. “hello?” she said. “Hey” a male voice had said back to her.

“whats up?” she asked.

It was her boyfriend Drew Johnson captain of the football team and junior of Brooklyn Heights High. Tall light skin boy with brown eyes and teeth that can bright the whole room and dimples to go with it and nice waves on his head.. Jasmine and Drew have been dating for two years they where more like a happy couple.

“Nothing just bored so you want to come over my house and chill for a minute? he asked.

“If you come and pick me up then I can come.” Jasmine said

“ight get dress and don't make me wait for you for long or i'll drive off and make you walk your ass here.” Drew said.

“oh shut up” jasmine laughed and hang up.

Jasmine open her closet and look through her wardrobe and pull some white shorts and a polo shirt. Jasmine even put on her undies and bra that she bought from Victoria secret. She has to look good for her boyfriend it might be that time when she had finally lose it to her her first love. As she put perfume on grab her bag and ran downstairs and wave bye to her mom.

“Mama I'm leaving.” Jasmine said.

“Ok bye.” Juilie said.

Jasmine went outside and see no sign of Drew anywhere. So she waited on the porch for a good 5 minutes and saw a car pull up. Jasmine step into car and sat in the passenger seat.

“Your late.” Jasmine joked.
“My bad.” Drew said and gave her a kiss on the lips.

“wait where still by my mama house can we drive into your house so you can get more than a kiss.” Jasmine said with a smirk.

“Ight.” He laughed and drove off.

When the car had finally parked into the garage and step out of the car and walked into his house.

“lets go to my room.” Drew said and held her hand to lead her the way.

Jasmine chouldn't help but feel nervous in her stomache. she never had done “it” before and she had finally going to do it with her love. As she laid on the bed and he laid on top of her. He looked into her eyes and brushed his hands against her cheek. Then his lips had pressed against her. And Jasmine kissed him passionately. And he reach down and unbutton her shirt and put his hands underneath her shirt. The he lower his head down and began to kiss her neck. Jasmine never had felt this way before and the feeling of pleasure had began to build up. Next thing you know he had take off his shirt and help took of hers. and kissed again. Than pulled pants off and had entered into Jasmine.

“Owww.” Jasmine had yelled.

“You ok?” Drew asked.

“yeah I'm fine.” Jasmine said.

“look maybe it not such a good idea?” Jasmine said.

“Come on I thought you loved me?” Drew said.

“You know I do.” Jasmine said.

“l won't hurt you I promise.” Drew said.

Jasmine know if she just stop what she doing then it was over between them and she don't want that to happen. She really loved him a lot and she don't want this to end now.

“Ok.” she said

And had started it back. The pain had became like pleaser and she chouldn't stop moaning against his ear until it was over. He began to slow down the past and had fallen asleep in his bed.

“Wake up.” a voice whispered as she felt someone nudging her.

“Huh?” she said waken up and saw Drew dressed.

“Get dress ima take you home.” He said and gave Jasmine a kissed.

As Jasmine got dress and went downstairs and got into his car heading home. She couldn't help but joy. She was not a little girl anymore she was now a women and it had felt good. It was a moment to remember.

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