The Dawn of Sunset Chapter 1

July 29, 2010
By naminesfriend GOLD, Jessup, Maryland
naminesfriend GOLD, Jessup, Maryland
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The official name of the store is Zeppetella, but we just call it Valerie’s. Obviously that’s because of the manager, Valerie, who gave customer’s reason to come in the first place. In fact, she was the one who convinced me to ask for a job. Honestly, Valerie was such a well-known person, being the adult socialite she was, we suddenly got customers the week after I joined. So, after a huge amount of authentic original clothes later, there I stood leaning on the shirts I was supposed to fold, staring at the empire Valerie created.

Such a rich store as Val’s paid well, so I wasn’t complaining about the work load landed on me, along with six untrained employees on my shoulders. I being the only experienced worker, however, made me think of a raise in the future. While all the freshmeat were given easy jobs like putting prices on pants or hanging up dresses, I was stuck at the changing room part of employment. It is the roughest job in the store, mostly because I have to wait for people to make a decision about which things to try on. I wait on them while they choose the clothes, and nine times out of ten there are moms who ask my opinion on their son’s or daughter’s outfit. The funny part is, most of those sons with moms are from my school. It’s the same song and dance: guy sees me, notices his mom asking about pants size, gets embarrassed, and tries to run away. I mean it, they actually run! I feel bad for them, and casually tell them this happens all the time and not to worry since I never tell anyone.

This routine was happening that day too. I finished up with folding the clothes from the dressing rooms, and was scoping the store for something to do, when I spotted him. The tan skin and blonde hair could be seen from across the room by any girl with taste. All natural, all gorgeous.
One hundred percent pissing me off.

I covered the side of my face with my curly black hair, quickening my pace to get to the sales rack. I wouldn’t call it “Hiding”, but just casually slipping away from sight. Or, at least his sight. Ms. Boss lady caught me fiddling with the hem of a skirt, mumbling to myself.
“Janet, am I really paying you to do that?”
“Not enough money, if you ask me haha.” I turned, and there she was. I had to remind the new recruits about her sixth sense with slackers. “Sorry Val.” She then proceeded to tell me to help someone who wants a dressing room, and pulled me towards him.
By God, what are the odds?

Valerie gave her million dollar smile and said “This is Janet. I hope she will be able to help you make a purchase.”

I was grinding my teeth through a smile, gesturing him towards the dressing rooms. “Right this way, sir.” The worst part was him not being embarrassed in the slightest.

He glanced my way, almost dismissing me as a regular girl, but then asking “Do you go to my school?” in such a casual manner it made me want to rip my hair out. Better yet, his.
“Yes, Michael, we do.” My reply was curt, as I closed the door to his changing room and walked away.

I sat next to him in English for an entire quarter! Luckily I at least get to sit next to my best friend instead now, speaking of whom was checking out a pair of jeans in the part of the store I was heading for.

She didn’t even greet me wit a hello. “Why aren’t you at the changing rooms? Taking a break?” Gani always refolded the jeans, mainly because I complained about the mess when first getting the job.
Of course, I didn’t care now since it wasn’t my job anymore, so I took the jeans she was holding and crumbled them up. What I really wanted to do was rip them in half. “I think the one guy in there can handle things himself.”
“Is he cute?” That was always Gani’s question when I mention a guy.
“Yeah. Too bad he’s one of the only guys that make me want to cut his head off. How was your day?” I handed a pair of jeans to her, making sure it was her size.
She took them and pulled them to her legs. “Oh. I’m guessing Michael’s here.”

Noticing how easily she knew it was him, I suddenly realized how much anger I spent on Michael. Even Gani, who’s thrown chairs at so many exs that I’ve lost count, doesn’t spend so much anger on a guy. Maybe I need counseling.
“Hey, don’t you think that guy near the changing room is hot?” Gani gestured towards him as he opened the door, smiling in his stupid goofy way.
“You’re not serious?!” I jokingly slapped her upside the head.

I couldn’t blame her. He was hot. He was Michael. I mean, any boy who makes friends with him is practically guaranteed a date. Granted, I would be disgusted just thinking about being friends with him, but I can see the upsides for a guy. Michael slowly passed by, and saw Gani and I talking. He waved, using his smile to show part of his pearly whites, suave in manner when saying “Hey girls.”
“Ooh, Michael!” Gani squealed in ahigh pitch voice, imitating Hailey the best soccer player on our team, and I snorted under my breath.

There didn’t seem to be any offense taken. He grinned even wider, appearing to get the joke, and left to check the pants he tried on.

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