I Won't Forget

July 29, 2010
By TracyMarieK SILVER, Dexter, Michigan
TracyMarieK SILVER, Dexter, Michigan
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My heart beat out of my chest. A sickening feeling enveloped my stomach;threatening to make me hurl. The lights of the other car. No,no,no,no. I screamed so loud, but I didn’t hear myself. Time slowed, just so I could see him. How the car smashed the window;glass everywhere, his head whipped forward into the space between us. I didn’t remember feeling the metal cut into my leg, the glass shards cut my skin. But I felt the car swing over the ditch. I felt the top crush like a weak tin can being stepped on. I felt my heart beat out of my chest. My mind blow up. His body next to mine. I can’t forget it.

“ Hand me the scalpel...thank you. Now give me the -oh thank you. More anesthesia! “ A voice said. Constant beeping was in the background. Then the blackness engulfed me.

Awake again. The light blinded my eyes. A headache developed slowly as I pick myself up. My parents had left flowers and balloons on the chair across the hospital bed. I fell back down. Pain wrenched my gut. I twisted and found a perfect bedpan sitting at the side of my bed. I retched into it. and fell back on the bed. I wiped my mouth. Gross. Sweat glistened on my forehead. What happened? Oh God what happened.

The doors opened, and a woman in scrubs and a magenta t-shirt stepped in. A sweet smile filled her pixie- like face. Short hair is slightly curled around her face.

“ I see you’re up sweetie. How do you feel?” the melody of someone nice fills my ears. For some reason, I always loved hospital nurses. I moaned. She looked to my bedside, where the pan sat.

“ Oh, that’s alright honey, we’ll get you more medicine. You took a hard blow from the accident didn’t you?”

I remembered. The accident. Drew. “ Excuse miss, but what all happened? Is Drew alright, am I okay?”

“ Hun, you got a bad open wound to your head and leg, a rotator cuff injury to your left shoulder, and you’re cut up pretty bad from the glass. You probably have a whiplash in your neck, but that’s normal. We had to do surgery to close your head wound and your rotator cuff injury will be treated soon, but luckily, you’re fine, but you’re badly dehydrated because you wouldn’t stay awake long enough to keep down food and water. Even when you were awake, you refused.”

She didn’t answer about Drew. Maybe I didn’t want to know. But I had to.

I sucked in a really deep breath, until my chest hurt. “ What happened to the boy in the car with me?” I whispered. I had closed my eyes, not wanting to see her face.

Silence. There was a pause. I heard her take a breath in to talk, and I found myself opening my eyes and tears flooding out.

“Would you like to see?”She murmured. Just a voice. There was no sympathy in it, but no hope either.

The door opened and I was wheeled into the room. I tasted salt, from the tears that fell slowly down my face. They took me past his parents; they were asleep in the chairs. Another door was opened. The room was dark. Curtains pulled over the windows.

“ Here’s Drew honey.” The nurse whispered. She left. His face was calm. Eyes closed, arm laying limply at his side. The covers were pulled neatly around him. I wanted to scream. The tears held their ground in my eyes. The room blurred. Then, I let them fall. They stained the covers. I pulled them back. More tears flooded my eyes. I shook as I took his hand.

“ Don’t leave me! Don’t forget me!” I sobbed until it hurt. Then I put my head on his chest.
“ They say you might hear me. Please hear me. Drew. Please!” I sucked in breathes but I couldn’t hold them in. My head ached, and stabbing pain ran through every once in awhile. But that didn’t matter. They said a miracle would have to happen for Drew to come back. He was practically brain-dead. I shuddered. I cried. Then I crawled into the bed with him.
“Please, please come back. Don’t leave me behind. I want you to survive. I need you. I love you.”
I fell asleep next to him. They pulled the plug the next day, after I had my surgery on my shoulder. I will never forget him. I loved him.

The author's comments:
It's just a sad story about two people that just popped into my head

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