Desecrating The Legacy

July 24, 2010
We became everything that was written. She wrote the prologue and the epilogue. He wrote the life with jealous ambition. Screaming with love and affection, we grasped their dead dreams. As she stared out the window, we built the legacy in toy blocks.

Under his drunken gaze, we pretended that we cared about their hopes...
More than we cared about each other. When night would fall, Trevor would lock our bedroom door. The moon glowed into our room as our lips caressed. Behind the keyhole, I could hear the stairs screaming how two brothers couldn't fall in love. Trevor grabbed my hand and stared into my eyes while I faked confidence.

Though it was true, I don't think he understood that I bled devotion because...
As he grew into a man and I stayed the same, I found myself more lost than ever. So, with the phone ringing and Trevor's breath hitting my neck, I confessed to our father that I was a sinner.

Maybe anger flashed in his eyes as he hauled me away. Being me, I am too weak to meet anyone's gaze. Perhaps that's why I'm dead and not with Trevor in the first place.

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